2nd WRV54g in a row.... Help

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by boaks, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. boaks

    boaks Network Guru Member

    Hello all,

    I recently purchase a WRV54G to replace a symantec vpn firewall applicance 200r (compat issues with SP2). I connected to the web setup and enterened all my settings, did everything that I normally do and nothing worked, i could ping the router but could not get to the internet. ( the wan light was green). Did everything i could think of, and then broke down and called linksys support. After over 2 hours of them making me do everything that i had already done twice over again, I was forwarded to a lvl 2 tech.

    He told me i must have a defective unit and I sent it back and swapped it out for another one.

    Well the second one came today. I set it up, all the settings checked and double checked, and still the same thing happens. No internet. BUT if i use orignal symantec firewall as the gateway, and plub the linksys wrv54g into it like a switch and then the rest of my switches into the linksys, everything works, i can see the internet.

    BUT if I plug the staic dsl line into the wan port, or plug the symanted into the wan port no internet.

    I am using firmware version 2.37B, i have just upgraded to the latest version .

    this is really frustrating.. ANY help is appreciated greatly. I don't want to call linksys AGAIN and PROVE to them that it is DEFECTIVE becuase it takes over 2hours...
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Damn, I'm still on my first "and only" WRV54G. How do you guys find these defective ones?!?!?!??!

    Okay, do a "hard reset" with a pin or something in the back of the router and start over again. Try using 2.38. I'm having a hard time believing you've got two back to back defective routers...

  3. boaks

    boaks Network Guru Member

    Thanks Doc,

    I have done the hard reset. I even took the router home and tried it on my dynamic connection, and no dice... Any other sugesstions.
  4. boaks

    boaks Network Guru Member

    also, i do have 2.38 running right now.. no internet.

    since i can get the wrv54g to work as a router behind the firewall, do you think that i can just forward the ports through the firewall? What ports do i have to forward to have the quick vpn work? I beleve udp 500 and upd 443, anything else that i missed.

    If I can get the WRV54g to work like that then it will satisfiy me.

    Doc, I think i read one of your posts that you have yours setup like that, can you give me an example of your setup?
  5. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Sure, what's your email address?

    My WRV54G runs behind an SMCBR18vpn firewall router. The smc is the border router; I have a straight thru CAT 5 cable running from one of the open "LAN" ports on the SMC going to the "WAN" port on the WRV. The WRV is set to DHCP; the SMC is set to DHCP server and distributes "one" ip address that the WRV picks up. This puts the WRV's WAN port on the same segment as the SMC which allows the WRV to send and receive internet traffic. Look at this as "cascading" your network.

    I then set the WRV up with a different subnet (since the SMC is, then the WRV is so I now effectively have two separate subnets.

    You'll need to forward port 500 (UDP and port 443 (TCP) from your border router to your WRV in order for quickvpn to work.

    Question, what is your connection? Is it ADSL, DSL, or cable?

  6. boaks

    boaks Network Guru Member


    I have a static dsl line that will come into my border router, problem is i have a MS exchange server running in the network and all the traffice of port 443 tcp goes to it becuase of https remote webmail.

    Also, i will be trying all of this tomorow as nobody will be in the office and i can take the network down. I will try to plug the boarder router into the wan on the wrv but if i remember corectly, this doens't work. If i plug the boarder router into the one of the lan's then it works just like another router.

    question is can i do this with the boarder router pluged into the lan port?

    I'll PM you my email address.

  7. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    If you run CAT5 from one of the "LAN" ports on your border router to one of the "LAN" ports on the WRV, then you'll just make the WRV acts as an "access point." In order to have the routing functionality, the WRV's "WAN" port must be plugged in.

    If you're running an exchange server with https, this will be a problem because quickvpn needs 443 so it can connect; basically, it's either "quickvpn" or the "exchange server." Being that you need the exchange server more, I'd say that you'll probably need to set up the PPTP server portion of the WRV54G.

    Have you ever used this feature before?

  8. boaks

    boaks Network Guru Member

    No i have not used pptp. Well here is my problem, my WAN port does not work at all under any circumstances. There is nothing that i can do to make it work, and this is what happened exactly with the last one.

    I have a static dsl line, and all my settings are correct.... becuase the exact same settings work on all my outher routers and even directly in my laptop, by specifing the settings in the tcp/ip props.
    the windows sever is doing the dhcp, but i enbled dhcp on my bourder router, with a address pool of 1 address ( my local subnet is, the wrv gets the address on it's lan port. If i plug this same cat 5 into the wan, the light stays yellow and never goes green, and I cannot get to the internet.

    but with it pluged into the lan i get right out np, even with my compuer set to the 192.168.0.x range, with the wrv having a subnet mask.

    Any other ideas?? If not I'm going to send this back and get my money back... Next step is the rh9 box custom firewall/vpn...
  9. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    If it goes yellow, and not green, that means on of the ports does not have built in crossover, which means you might need to use a crossover cable.

    I just realized something, what device are you using to connect to the internet? Are you using a modem/router combination device (WAG54G), or do you have a "pure" modem that connects to an ethernet router (i.e, WRV54G, BEFVP41, WRT54G)? I think the answer may come down to this if it's what I'm thinking...

  10. boaks

    boaks Network Guru Member


    here is my current setup. Staic DSL line from verizon, comes into a westall dsl modem->symantec vpn firewall applicance 200r->wrv54g (lan ports for now)->switches->internal netwwork.

    You want me to try a crossover cable from symantec (lan port) -> wrv54g wan?
  11. boaks

    boaks Network Guru Member

    or do you want me to link the wrv54g to the modem through the wan with a crossover? My orignal plan was to replace the symantec with this wrv54g, so if we don't need it that would be great to.
  12. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Is the westall modem one of those "modem/router" combination devices?
  13. boaks

    boaks Network Guru Member

    no just modem
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