2x PC's with WMP54G v4.1 Vista problem

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by prion, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. prion

    prion LI Guru Member

    Hi all,

    Both computers are running Vista Home Premium Retail. Both have WMP54G adapters installed. I have tried Linksys XP drivers, Linksys Vista drivers, Ralink XP drivers all with the same results. I have Manually set the SSID in the network adapter settings. Both computers are clean of virus' and spyware (Including tracking cookies). I have run a Wireshark log and there is no unusual traffic over the network. The network is secured with MAC address filtering, and WAP encryption. Neither PC's have moved physical location since they were running XP, either has the router(WRT54G v2). I have tried disabling encryption.

    The problem is seemingly random spikes of high latency over the wireless aspect of our home network, which has only occurred since we have upgraded to Vista. An example is that when I ping the router from my PC I get good results (1-2ms) most of the time but once every 30-60 seconds I will get a >1000 result. Sometimes it will even timeout. I get the same result when I ping my PC from the router. This causes files to stop transferring part way through, constant lag spikes in games, and problems with voip. Also if a web page is loading and a spike occurs the page will not load and a refresh is necessary.

    Any ideas would really be appreciated, thanks.

    Update: I have narrowed the problem down to the wlansvc service. This service is the same as zero config utility in XP but can't be disabled without stop WLAN completely.

    What I need now I guess is a way to get third party software that can control the WLAN. Anyone know of any or a way to install linksys utility on vista?
  2. Kamon211

    Kamon211 Guest

    Same problem here with Vista;
    Im getting huge lag spikes about once a minute, you can imagine how annoying it can get playing games like BF2 and CS-S.
    Ive disabled "connect to a more preffered network if available"
    and IPv6..still no success.
  3. vodanh

    vodanh Guest

    I can verify this issue.
    I used to use XP sp2 and had a perfect connection.
    Now I'm on Vista Ultimate and this card has a lag spike every once in a while and at times even times out on those spikes.
    Im using the latest driver available from linksys as well as trying out the RALINK drivers <original chipset maker>. This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed. I play WoW and the lag is noticable even if its not for surfing users.

    linkysys driver: WMP54Gv4.1_v2.0.1.9
    RALINK: on WMP54G i used the Wireless PCI LAN v2 from the device list. <worse drops>
  4. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    AFAIK, all WMP54G v4.1 have this latency issue for which nothing has been done.
  5. kumagcow

    kumagcow LI Guru Member


    Have you tried just the drivers from railink and adjust the wireless settings to 2304 on the Fragmentation and RTS thresholds on the cards?
  6. prion

    prion LI Guru Member

    Still no wireless application from linksys :(
    This is the only fix unless MS rework the way vista handles wireless.
    I know of two work arounds:

    1. Good old cat5
    2. Windows XP

    If someone knows of a better solution please share.
  7. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    With Vista, WMP54G v4.1 requires the Ralink driver...
  8. funkymuva

    funkymuva Guest

    Im having the same old lag spike problem every 30 secs or so, i remember spending days finding out how to fix it on xp.

    i just got vista home premium, i have raconfig utility driver but cannot find out a way to make this what connects(like changing from zero to raconfig in xp) rather than vista doing it itself. anyone who knows there way around vista a little better than me shed some light please?
  9. Tipcie

    Tipcie Guest

    Having this problem with my girlfriends new PC, tempted just to wipe it and put XP on it :doh:. Anyone found a solution? Does the Ralink driver work?
  10. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member now !
  11. prion

    prion LI Guru Member

    Have swapped the linksys cards out. We have a new guy living here now and he is running the same card as me, on vista, on same network and he doesn't get the latancey spikes. I still do though, I put it down to vengeful silicon based lifeforms from space. Personally I would like to welcome our new vengeful silicon based overlords.
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