2x RVS4000 unstable vpn tunnel

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by leftag, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. leftag

    leftag LI Guru Member

    Hello to eneryone,

    I have managed to establish a vpn tunnel between 2 RVS4000. Both sides are behind dynamic ip and ADSL lines (24Mbps/1Mbps) and I 'm using dyndns.org.

    The problem is that almost once a day the tunnel does down and it doesn't come back up automaticly. However, if I log into either the router and simply click on the Save settings button of the IPSec VPN tab, the tunnel comes back in 5 seconds.

    Both sides have exactly the same settings, with Block WAN requests disabled, MTU 1492 and not aggressive mode. (I can't enable aggressive mode because as soon as I click on it and save settings, it is appeared again to be disabled)

    Do you have any suggestions?
  2. samuel613

    samuel613 LI Guru Member

    DSL VPN Tunnel

    I had this same issue.

    1. Obviously, DHCP server, PPOE authentication and VPN all have to be set for the RVS4000 to do these functions.

    2. Make sure your DSL modem does not have any NAT translation functionality enabled (use a dummy modem, not a wireless router+modem set to act as a modem).

    I learned this the hard way with a VersaLink wireless router/DSL modem device that, according to Linksys TS, really still does some NAT behind the scenes even if you bridge it and do the Username/password on the RVS4000, which you certainly should, if one is needed)
  3. leftag

    leftag LI Guru Member

    Thank you samuel613. I 'll check it out asap. Indeed, I use 2 Linksys WAG200 as modems in bridge mode from both sides. I hope you are right.
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