3 or More WRT54G(S) Ap's in different distances...plz read..

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by leonpadi, May 23, 2005.

  1. leonpadi

    leonpadi Network Guru Member

    Hey all! I use 3 WRT54g(s) as Ap's with Alchemy rc6.0 and don't know how to manage to connect all of them in different ways...i'll try to explain... let's say Ap1 looks at Ap 2 but Ap 2 looks at both Ap 1 and Ap 3. So i dont want Ap1 to try to connect with Ap3 immediatelly but from Ap2's connection.This is because i see that with WDS and LazyWDS on , AP1 is trying to connect to Ap2 and Ap3 at the same time and speed is cutting down.I want to make AP1 to connect ONLY with AP2 and not with immediate connection with AP3.Ap3 has to connect only with Ap2 and not with Ap1.All of these because of differnet angles and distances. Is there any chance if i put lazyWDS down to control the way AP'S connect each other? To make it work with Lazywds off,what settings do i have to put on all my WRT's ? I hope i made myself clear. Sorry for my bad english but...at least i try... :)
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