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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by skateforemerica, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. skateforemerica

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    are you trying to get two remote wired networks onto the wireless network? or are you just talking about extending the range of the first wireless router?
    for the first one, the two remote routers would have to be able to operate in client mode. the wrt54g can do this with the right 3rd party firmware, but i doubt the other one will.
    if you just want to extent the wireless network, i think its the same answer; the wrt54g can with the right firmware but the other one cant. the right way to get this done is with the right hardware, a wifi range expander.
  3. sufrano63

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    If you use the dd-wrt firmware. You can setup the other two routers as WDS and that would extend your wireless network coverage. Do a search on WDS and you'll find plenty of how to setup WDS.

    Good Luck
  4. DocLarge

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    Just so the thought is intact, you're not trying to use the additional routers merely as repeaters ("extending" your current signal) but you want to actually "broadcast" your connection to another router (such as by using 3rd party firmware), is this what you're after?

    The good news is it can be done, provided what I'm describing is what you have in mind.

    If all you're looking to do is create "3" different subnets, here's what I would do:

    1) Decide which one is your gateway router, then from two of the available "LAN" ports on the gateway router, run "two" straight thru CAT cables to the "WAN" ports on the two additional routers.

    2) Set your gateway router to dhcp so it can give out "two" ip addresses only; if you have a small network, then I'd just make sure to use static ip addressing.

    3) Set the "LAN ip for each of the routers you plan on using to extend your network (i.e, and; make sure both routers are set for "DHCP" in order to pull an ip from your gateway router

    4) If there are any programs that you want one of the two routers to host (such as ftp) make sure you open the appropriate ports on your gateway router and direct it towards the ip address that the router pulls.

    5) Make sure each router is on a different channel; you should be able to put each router on either "1," "6" or "11."

    6) You have the option to assign them all the same network ssid or give each router a different ssid; I'd give them each a separate for the sake of distinction.

    If all goes well, you should have three networks that are fully routable.

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    Aw, Hell,

    if that's the case, just run the two CAT 5 cables into open LAN ports on the two routers and assign them (the routers) both IP addresses that follow the ip scheme of your gateway router.

  7. skateforemerica

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  8. skateforemerica

    skateforemerica Network Guru Member

  9. skateforemerica

    skateforemerica Network Guru Member

  10. DocLarge

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    Well, then, "I" think you're out of luck. You need to be able to do WDS (wireless distribution) and the routers you have "do not" come preconfigured to do this; the linkys could actually do this, but "only" after flashing it with 3rd party firmware.

    You're "literally" going to have to either buy routers that come preconfigured with WDS (i.e., Belkin, SMC) or get a couple more WRT54G's (prefarably "pre version 5's) because with your current stockpile, and you not wanting to flash your wrt54g with 3rd party gear, you have no chance in achieving what you're currently looking for. :noway:

    Please correct me if anyone else sees different.

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