3 routers (2 G and 1 GS) WDS weirdness

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by MentalV, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. MentalV

    MentalV Network Guru Member

    Ok so I had my network working fine for months now. Here is what I have:

    Modem - Linksys R31P2 (VONAGE) (IP - WRT54G PC room (IP - WDS - WRT54G TV Room (IP (both V4)

    I have them set up no problem... Now, my best friend and neighbor bought at WRT54GS V5 (IP to connect to my WDS and play xbox games with one another.

    Here is the kicker, I set his router just like I did mine.

    Set up wireless with SSID
    Turn on WDS and add the other router (for me each router had one first, now each one has the other two devices =

    54G PC room - has 54G TV room MAC + 54GS MAC
    54G TV room - has 54G PC room MAC + 54GS MAC
    54GS - has 54G PC Room MAC + 54G TV room MAC

    The DHCP server is on the 54G PC Room so the other devices could get the DHCP info from it. IPs start at

    Devices connected to 54G from TV room get DHCP no problem. On the other hand the 54GS devices get DHCP SOMETIMES... and always gets the wrong info for some reason.

    Devices connected to the 54G TV room get:

    IP 192.168.1.X
    GWAY (vonage router, I set this info in the 54G PC room)

    But the devices connected to 54GS get the GWAY as .... that is the 54G PC room, not the vonage router.

    What in the heck and why? Not only that, that is the case when the devices on it can actually get DCHP.

    Most of the time if you connect ANYTHING to the 54GS my network goes crazy, ALL lights of ALL the routers start blinking madly, the WAN and each one of the ports do the same.

    Only settings I changed on the 54GS -

    flash dd-wrt mini (54GS version)
    flash dd-wrt standard (54GS version)
    turned off internet connection type
    renamed router
    changed IP, subnet mask and gateway
    turned off DHCP
    set up time GMT -5
    wireless - AP - mixed - SSID - channel
    mac filter on - added MACs for the other two routers + xbox
    turned on WDS using the MACs of the other two routers
    turned off firewall
    changed default password

    What am I missing? If I turn off the 54GS the whole system goes back to normal. What setting on the 54GS could be making it act so weird?

    I appreciate any help you guys can give me as I am completly stumped! Probably an error on my part but I surely cant figure out what!
  2. MentalV

    MentalV Network Guru Member

    low and behold... only god knows WTF I did before. Default settings + start from beggining = success.
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