3 wap54g v.3 to bring internet to 3 houses

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by radar10, Dec 16, 2008.

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    Hello !
    First, thanks for a great site and forum.
    I,we been testing a lot with 3 wap54g, all v.3, to get internet a long way wireless.
    House 1 (with DSL line and internet) wireless to house 2 and wireless to house 3 !

    From house 1; DSL line with speedtouch modem connected to first wap54g. This wap54g have DHCP on and acts like a default AP with channel 2 (no repeat,bridge or client)

    house 2; A single wap54g in repeater mode channel 2 (mac adress taken from the wap54g in house 1. Tried both dhcp on or off !

    house 3; A single wap54g where i'we tried it as a repeater channel 2 with mac adress from house 1. Also tried both dhcp on or off.

    For a long time all worked fine with the same SSID and same channel on all 3 devices. But when the guy in house 1 had to move his wap54g another place, the house 3 lost internet.......only house 1 and 2 got internet. Finally I understood that house 3 all the time had communicated with house 1, not house 2. Then my work started.....to let the wap54g in house 3 communicate with house 2

    My best way so far is to turn all dhcp off, different SSID's, same channels, different static ip on all 3 wap54g's. house 3 as a client (mac adress from house 2) and in house 2 the wap54g is in repeater mode with mac adress from house 1.
    In this way it really works, but not long ! It seems it all goes in a loop ? It,s a huge activity between the house 2 and 3 and finally I got a system IP conflict and internet is down !! When I shut the wap54g in house 3 down it all works fine again.

    I have to mention that I'm no testing this in 1 house....so what about interference.....?? But I have also tried a lot with the real distance. Also tried with a wireless pc in house 3 (inside a window against house 2) which works ok but not with fast line....The wap54g in house 3 have better antenna (8 db) then the original. So I know it can work but how ????

    Someone pls help me ! :)
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