3 WRT54G in WDS with a BT WiFi Hub problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by __spc__, Oct 30, 2006.

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    I had ntl cable broadband, and had my modem connected into the WAN port on WRT54G no.1 (serving DHCP). This connects to two other WRT54Gs in my property via WDS (DD WRT). (Each of these then has a number of devices connected to them via CAT5 cables.)

    I then switched from ntl to BT, and was given a BT WiFi hub (as the device is called).

    First, I had hoped to disable DHCP in this new unit, and then just have it replace my ntl modem like-for-like, but for some reason, this does not work. So instead, I have DHCP enabled on the BT hub, and this connected into a LAN port on WRT54G no.1 (with its DHCP disabled). This set-up works OK.

    Or did... I have a laptop (intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG) that used to connect to the WLAN without too many prolems. For some reason, just very recently, it says it's connected to the WiFi network (and one of the WRT54Gs shows it connected as a wireless client) but the BT hub refuses to either issue it an IP or recognise a static IP if configured this way. (The BT hub shows via MAC address what decives are connected to it.)

    For info, I have disabled WiFi on the BT hub (as this unit sits next to the WRT54G no.1). I am using WPA-PSK encryption. The laptop will connect to my neighbours WPA-PSK WLAN provided by their WRT54G using stock firmware. MAC filtering is not enabled on an of the WRT54G, nor are there any access resriction policies in place.

    So, the problem - my laptop won't connect to my WLAN. Are there any obvious settings I should be looking at? (I thought I had everything covered!)

    Thanks for any help you can offer.
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