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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by abs99, Sep 16, 2012.

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    Toastman/Shibby -

    I recently picked up a pair of Netgear 3500LV2 routers. My intent was to run one as a primary internet gateway device and the second as a WET device on the same subnet. I've tested the stock OEM firmware as well as the latest offerings from each of you. You both have done a tremendous job developing and maintaining your customized versions of Tomato - thank you for all the hard work.

    I'm writing in because I've noticed some strange behavior which I wanted to make sure you were both aware of. I also realize that there can be some driver issues with this router and that a recent update was incorporated by Shibby then by Toastman to include an Asus driver into the Netgear version of the firmware. At any rate, here is what I'm seeing:

    1. Signal strength in the OEM firmware appears to be quite a bit higher than the Tomato firmware (10-20 dBm).

    2. Changing the Transmit Power setting appears to make little to no difference in measured output in either Tomato build. I used the Android WiFi Analyzer application on my smartphone to test - not perfect but should have reflected a difference when values were adjusted from 0-400 but really did not.

    3. I had experienced severe throughput issues on downloads but not uploads, evaluated using speed test tools such as the one available through www.dslreports.com. I should have been getting 12-16,000 Kb/sec down but was only getting about 300Kb/sec down. This was with an N laptop connected to the Gateway router without the WET configured router running. Interestingly, the OEM firmware exhibited the same problem. Upgrading the laptop NIC driver did not resolve the issue. I did eventually solve the problem - in all firmware including OEM - disabling the WMM option resolves the performance issue. Before I determined WMM was the issue, activating AfterBurner had a significant effect but not as much as with WMM.

    A few thoughts - if it is possible to resolve these issues fully it would be greatly appreciated. If not, I'd like to suggest that for each of your 3500LV2 builds to disable the WMM by default so other users don't have the same experience I did. If at all possible to at least adjust the preset signal strength in Tomato to match the default transmit strength in the OEM firmware would also really be huge (in the case that the transmit power issue can't be resolved).

    Thanks in advance,

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