350N/600N to replace WRTSL54GS

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by bigclaw, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. bigclaw

    bigclaw Network Guru Member

    I guess it's time for me to move beyond the wonderful WRTSL54GS now, as all three new PCs/laptops I will have this year all will come with Vista. It will become more and more cumbersome to try to deal with the Samba problems of the WRTSL54GS.

    Does any of the newer storage link routers have similar third-party firmware support? I have loved Thibor's SL firmware so much that I can't seem to embrace stock Linksys firmware anymore.

    Thibor, what, if any, newer Linksys routers do you have in mind? If you will release firmware for any of them, please let me know so that I can buy that router.
  2. bigclaw

    bigclaw Network Guru Member

    I guess some other options are:

    1) get an nslu2.
    2) build a dedicated Linux home file server.

    I tend to like the first one more as I hate the idea of a whole computer turned on 24/7 just so that I can access files sporadically.

    Either of these options allow me to continue using my existing networking equipment (including the WRTSL54GS) 100%.
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