3rd party firmware for wrt54g v7, possible ?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by AshishG, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. AshishG

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    I am using wrt54g v7. It lacks an important PPPoE feature, "to specify ACCESS_CONCENTRATOR & SERVICE_PROVIDER options". There is no patch or 3rd party firmware that supports such a feature. Mreover there is no 3rd party firmware available for this particular model (v7). Is this lack of firmware due to the fact that linksys has switched to VxWorks and we (developers) dont have access to its sources? or does VxWorks prevents (in some way) upgrading to firmware based on os other than itself? I dont know how firmware upgrade or router boot works at low level, but assuming we have eought knowledge of router's internals, is it possible to develope a 3rd party firmware from ground-up, may be based on linux ? Are there any such efforts already underway?

    any ideas, clues, feedback welcome.

    - AshishG
  2. Trademark

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    The v7 is the oddball of the WRT54G product line. Its the only one to use an Atheros Chip-Set, and because of this, will probably never be supported by 3rd party firmware.

    The lack of firmware for v5+ stems from VxWorks, and also reducing the Flash memory from 4MB down to 2MB. The v5-v6 are supported by DD-WRT, but the flash process is a bit more delicate.

    One can only hope that the G v8, with it's new Broadcom BCM5354 Chip-Set, will be supported down the line. It still has the crippled 2MB Flash, so DD-WRT Micro will be the only thing that will currently fit. The GS v7 is the same except for 16MB Ram vs 8MB for the G. Oh yeah, and both of these also come with VxWorks. Yuk.

    Your current best solution would be to purchase a WRT54GL. It can take just about every 3rd party firmware under the sun. It's Linux based and has 4MB Flash. I am hoping that Linksys comes out with a GL that has the BCM5354, 4MB+ Flash, 64MB Ram, and a USB 2.0 port. That would be sweet. One can only dream.
  3. AshishG

    AshishG LI Guru Member


    Thanks for the clear answer. Lets hope linksys does come up with what its customers are asking for. Meanwhile I will buy a GL.
    - AshishG
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