3rd Party Firmware Support WRT54G and WRT54GS v5 v6 v7 v8

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    My WRT54GS is definitely a v3 (it is written on the bottom of the device). I wished there is a utility that will show us the amount of flash/RAM on the device without opening/flashing with open source firmware. BTW, do you know which open source firmware is the most stable? I am planning to use OpenWRT + Asterisk PBX.
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    type in either or to get memory info with stock firmware
    no flashing, etc. needed
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    Well... thanks for all the info on this forum.. Great site..

    I ordered 2 wrt54G's yesterday and made sure they were 3.1 versions (either that or the v5)... Stock firmware is 4.01.1.

    Set 1 up today and it is running FANTASTIC... Actually, it is running better than my no-good wired router I had before...

    Thanks for this great informative thread! :)
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    My trouble

    I bought my WRT54G and I set up the advanced configurations, MAC filter, WPA and more... after the firmware update the device stop in the Management Mode to update the firmware again and still doen's work.

    I'll come back to the store and looking for a older version or get my money back.

    I really do not recomend the WRT54G v.5 Linksys Router.

    By the way, what the best Wi-Fi router?
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    Re: My trouble

    Currently, I will vote for the Linksys WRT54GS in terms of performance for the $$$.
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    I have a v5 linksys WRT54G and its running dd-wrt very nicely.. I dunno wtf is up with all these hating posts.
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    I seriously doubt that.
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    Does it say v5 on the bottom of your WRT54G unit? If so, how did you install DD-WRT on it? Besides that, IIRC WRT54G v5 comes only with 4/16 MB flash/RAM. If that is the case, it really is a hard press trying to add/run additional software packages on the router, i.e. asterisk, SER, etc.
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    Nope. The commas are only here on the forum to punctuate the sentence and have nothing to do with the links. Thus, they are not an issue here. ;) As I pointed out on my previous post, the issue lies on the fact that sysinfo is different from SysInfo.
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    I just bought a v5. (Just my luck!)

    Can any of the mods "fit" in the reduced memory?

    All I want is to boost output power, not add any functionality, as mazilo mentions in his post to Osmosis
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    Thanks for the link, JaLooNz. Time is one thing which none of us can waste...
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    My advice: AVOID the v5 WRT54G. (with typo corrected)

    I'm a serious computer nerd, and so I tend to come up to speed on buggy software pretty quickly. I think both Netgear and Linksys are the victims of buggy new code bases. I have just finished testing, hating, and returning both a Linksys WRT54G v5 and a Netgear wgr614.

    In their place is a Linksys WRT54GL that is functioning exactly how I want and exactly how expected the other two to behave.

    In addition to the inability of the WRT54G v5 to load 3rd party firmware, I encountered the following two showstoppers:

    1. Idle connections would be closed after 10 minutes.
    2. Net radio feeds to my Roku Sound Bridge would pause and re-buffer every few minutes.

    Interestingly the Netgear wgr614 also manifested bug #1, but it had a second showstopper of its own: The access control list for wireless device MAC addresses was flaky, sometimes rejecting connections when the list was supposed to be turned off, and sometimes forgetting that certain permitted MAC addresses were on the list.

    As the previous poster said, we can't afford to waste time. So I'm content with my WRT54GL, and not going to put much effort into trying to get Netgear or Linksys to debug their firmware. Perhaps other readers of this thread will feel like it's worthwhile to ask them to.

    In my opinion, it is a BUG that the Roku Sound Bridge rebuffers connections, and that idle connections are trashed after 10 minutes. For that reason I urge others to avoid the WRT54G v5.
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    Re: My advice: AVOID the v5 WRT54G.

    Thanks for the excellent post.

    I just wanted to clarify what I assume is a minor typo in your post, but that could cause confusion for a newcomer. There is no WRT54GL V5. The WRT54GL is a WRT54G V4, and as such can accept third party firmware.

    But your point is well taken. Before I purchased my WRT54G and loaded HyperWRT, I thought "a router's a router, right?". Now that I've been using Tofu for a couple of weeks, I can't imagine going back to ANY stock router with buggy, non-changeable firmware. THANK YOU Linksys for being intelligent enough to design an open router, and despite your recent shenanigans with the V5 units, THANK YOU for re-releasing the Linux based ones in the WRT54GL and keeping the WRT54GS as a Linux unit, albeit with lower memory.

    Open source, as usual, rules! ;)
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    Hope this firmware fixes a lot of crap on that V5 router.
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    By the way, note that some (most?) third-party firmwares for the WRT line also will drop idle connections after 10 minutes by default. Fortunately, they also provide mechanisms for changing this timeout value.
  23. mazilo

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    Can you please shed some light here? Which open WRT firmwares and how to change/disable the timeout?
  24. NateHoy

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    Look for ANY thread with the words "P2P", "BitTorrent", etc here. Almost all of the third party firmwares support it, and the latest Tofu and Thibor HyperWRT's already include a fix, no startup script required.

    However, V5 users need not apply (sorry if you have one). V5 cannot take third party firmware.
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    I have heard some reports of people contacting Linksys for RMA and being able to specify they don't want a v5 unit in replacement. Any truth to this?
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    so since i got a v5 :sad: what should i return it for now? luckily im still within the return policy. im looking to spend around the same range. it looks like the netgear is just as bad. how are the comparable in price d-links?
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    where to get 3rd party firmware

    hey guys where can we download the 3rd party firmware are they more effective than the linksys one's b,cos i see that the QoS is not working in many routers.
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    The WRT54GS and WRT54GL are both guaranteed to be Linux based, and aren't THAT much more. Worth the upgrade, IMHO, if you can't find a V4 or prior WRT54G unit.

    Linksys MAY change it out for you for the cost of shipping. Call them and check.
  29. NateHoy

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    Re: where to get 3rd party firmware

    I can't compare native v. third party, I went immediately to third party to fix my P2P issues. I CAN tell you that, if properly configured, QoS on Tofu 10/11 is Good Stuff (tm).
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    ive been looking around at the GL is at 69 and the GS is 75, so I guess i should probably get the GS? Is there anything to be said about the 802.3 standard? newegg touts that the GS has 802.3 and the GL has 802.3/3u, any difference there? Also what makes the GS guaranteed to be linux? I have read that the GL stands for G Linux so I can understand that. is the speed boost going to make that much of a difference? i have a regular linksys wireless adapater that doesn't have the speedbost feature.

    Sorry about the newbie questions, just trying to get the best router that I can get :)
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    No problem. I understand. I went through the same thing.

    OK, here's the deal. The WRT54GL, WRT54GS (latest edition V4), and WRT54G V4 (if you can find one) are the EXACT SAME ROUTER. The firmware is the only thing that is different. They are the same hardware and both can take any firmware, including what I use, HyperWRT (in my case, Tofu - the non-SpeedBooster build). Converting the Gv4 and the GL to a SpeedBooster unit requires a little extra fiddling to get Thibor on it, but it can be done safely and easily.

    HOWEVER, if you are mail ordering, avoid the WRT54G, because the new V5 is NOT Linux. It's VXWORKS. VXWORKS = no third party firmware yet, and with the tiny memory they crammed in there, probably none ever.

    If you can luck into an older WRT54GS, they have double the memory. So it might be worth the $6 to take a gamble on getting an older one. If you get a V4, you've still got a Linux unit, and you've overspent by $6. Or you can save the $6 and get a GL, and you're still good.

    Changes to models recently (just to clarify):

    WRT54G went from 16MB Linux (V1-4) to 8MB VXWORKS (V5).
    WRT54GL is a brand new model, it is really a WRT54GS in disguise, but a good V4 unit.
    WRT54GS went from 32MB Linux (v1-3) to 16MB Linux (V4), but at least still runs Linux, and has 16MB of memory.
  32. Anonymous

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    thanks for the clarification nate :thumb:
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    So I have a WRT54G v5. I've heard nothing but complaints about the router and I have to say I have a long list to add to it. First off will Linksys swap my router if I bug em even though I've had it for a while now. If they won't will the newer versions of the firmware be able to fix some of the bugs. I mean Linksys better follow through with some quality firmware for this thing since it doesn't except 3rd party. Right now I've got 1.00.4 and it seems decent, but not great,

    The real question is, could there be a brighter future for this router or did Linksys screw me over?
  34. NateHoy

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    The only thing I can say to that is, call them and ask. What's the WORST that could happen? They might say "no", and your're right where you are today.

    Maybe they will say "yes".
  35. Ofloo

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    just get the wrt54gl then it's the same as the v4 :p and it's linux.. or supposed to be anyway..
  36. hoysome

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    v5 is a piece of crap :( I shelved it and im using my old dlink di-614+ untill I figure out what to do with this thing.. reason im replacing the dlink is it randomly reboots itself :(
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    I just want to get this straight before purchasing: is it true that there are ONLY Linux WRT54GS's? I'd rather buy a GL than gamble, but the GS is clearly a better deal if it still runs Linux.
  38. mazilo

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    IIRC, someone posted in this forum saying WRT54GL is the same as WRT54GS v4 which only comes with 4/16 MB flash/RAM. It really is a hard press trying to run a full package of any open firmware with a 4MB flash, let alone with a 16MB RAM. Your best bet is to get a WRT54GS v3 which comes with 8/32 MB flash/RAM. I just grabbed two units of WRT54GS v3 (FAR).
  39. 4Access

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    Just make sure you don't get a WRT54GS v4 which only have 4MB Flash & 16MB RAM.
  40. wcattey

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    Reply to Nate Hoy.

    Nate: Thanks for calling out the typo. I edited my note to get rid of it.
    Sorry for the delay. I lapsed in my monitoring of this topic.
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    WRT54GS = ALL Linux. However, as someone else pointed out, the V4 units of that model have been stripped down to 16MB RAM / 4MB Flash, while the V3 and prior units have 32MB/8MB.

    WRT54GL = WRT54G V4 = ALL Linux. In fact, these are really WRT54GS V4's with "hobbled" firmware to prevent them from being SpeedBooster units.

    Despite their reduced memory, the WRT54GS V4 is a good router. Load up HyperWRT Thibor, and they are quite excellent. Most of the DD-WRT versions support them, and if you're looking for a solid, reliable router, there's nothing wrong with them.

    However, IF YOU CAN FIND ONE, the older WRT54GS V3 and prior do have more memory, and allow you to load up larger firmware images, like some of the more esoteric DD-WRT builds, OPEN-WRT, etc. You can also take the spare memory and mount it as a Linux disk and have a very small file share on your network, and other stuff.

    But, trust me on this, as a router - the WRT54GS V4 / WRT54G V4 / WRT54GL are kick-butt routers. I have a WRT54G V4 running HyperWRT Tofu, and it's a fantastic router. No complaints at all, and I have no need for the extra memory.
  42. danmanm

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    is anyone using the wrt54g v5 with the pap2 adapter? and also does anyone know if the free promotion with the rebates will still go on after dec 31st? thanks
  43. xeej

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    i bought mine and it is a ver 5, i didnt know about this till after i bought it that i can upgrade the firmware and i can not return it. I got it to use it as a repeater. is there still a way to do that with a ver5? or am i stuck with this thing and try o ebay it? thanks
  44. victaru

    victaru Guest

    i've been eyeing the wrt54G for quite a while now... finally got some $$ to buy it..

    but, so much stories about v5 being unreliable has made me somewat weary...

    so, has the new firmware update solve any of the issues with v5? is it safe? or should i hunt for the older versions?

    thx in advance
  45. ktenney

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    Is there some way to order a wrt54g and be assured it's not a v5?

    Anyone know what buy.com or newegg.com is selling?

  46. MattLL

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    Went to Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Max and no one had anything else but v5 routers. The best thing I could find was a combo pack that has a v4 GS with either a network adapter or a pci card for $150.

    That has been the only way of finding v4 or v3 router to my knowledge is in the combo packs now. Best Buy and Circuit City have racks full of the combo packs. But at $150 I dont see the vaule in them if you dont need the the pci or adapter.

    I lucked and foud an open box v4 G at Walmart yestarday. hidden behind a rack of v5's.
  47. paulcl

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    After reading all discusions here, I wonder if anybody has seen http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WRT54G in the meantime. It gives a great summary of hardware revisions and some good links to other interesting sites.
  48. Searay90

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    I found the following after searching the piles of routers at the local best buy & office max

    two WRT54G V2.0
    two WRT54GS V2.0
    three WRT54 GS V2.1

    I'm new to this and not ready to jump into the 3rd party firmware just yet, but want to keep my options open for the future.

    Leaving price off the table for now, is the GS V2.1 the one to get because of the 32/8 RAM/Flash size? Or should I try to find a V3 of the GS, or a V4 of the G??

    I went to the linksys site and it appears to me that all of the G models from V2 to V4 use the same firmware, and that all of the GS models use their version of the same firmware.

    I want to be able to run WPA and/or WPA2 and the linksys web site does not list these on their documentation of the older Versions of HW.

    So will a GS V2.0 or V2.1 run WPA and/WPA2 with a firmware upgrade?????

    Which router should I buy, or should I go try to find a later version (but of course not a V5 G or a V4 GS)


  49. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    WRT54G v5

    I work for an ISP. We run two different types of PPPoE servers and the WRT54G will only connect to one of them. Also, I am unable to get the DHCP server to work correctly with my Linux desktop machine. It will serve the IP address but doesn't include the default gateway, or DNS server addresses.

    Linksys tech support was unable to offer a solution other than return the product for a different model.
  50. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Just got a WRT54g v5 from Newegg.com. Just received it last night. Was a little bummed. I was thinking I might get lucky & get a v4. Ah well. Not sure what I'm going to do, whether return it and get a GS/GL or something else.

    I think I'll run down to Walmart quick and see if they have any V4's in stock. They're like $5 cheaper than NewEgg ATM.

  51. cglenn

    cglenn Network Guru Member

    Where to buy

    Hi, I'm new here. Thanks for all the info on how to tell the hardware versions apart, and which ones work and which ones don't. I looked through all the units on the shelf at my local Fry's (Fountain Valley, CA) and found some units in stock that others may want.

    On the G, in addition to all the V5 units, I found a bunch of V3.0 units (SN=CDF8) mixed in. Probably about a dozen of the V3.0 on the shelf there.

    On the GS, in addition to all the V4 units, I found a bunch of V2.1 units (SN=CGN4) and one V2.0 (CGN3) unit. These have the BIG memory, so I bought one of the V2.1 units to play around with.

    After I get it insalled and running, I may go back and get another one. I'd like to set up a repeater to increase my coverage area at home.

    Thanks for all the great info here. I look forward to getting some new functionality loaded up.

    >>>> Clay >>>>
  52. laok

    laok Guest

    I went to bestbuy(Boston Fenway park), and I found about 2 or 3 WRT54G V4 (CDFA ...). $39.99 After 2 $15 rebate. And I found none other than V5 WRT54G at staples.
  53. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I've heard so much about the version 5 of wrt54g being crappy. But how about the good things about it? isnt their atleast one thing it does better than the other previous versions?
  54. grok

    grok Guest

    Is WRT54GS V4 the solution?

    Hi all,

    Two years ago I downloaded wifi-box firmware for my WRT54G and was delighted with it because I needed the increased power. But recently my router died and I went to Fry's and bought a new one which turned out to be v5 and now I realize that there is no 3rd party firmware.

    If I go back to Fry's for a WRT54GS V4 would that solve the problem and give me better speed as well?
  55. gaster

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    Watch out guys, there are reports of a new GS serial number and it's CGN7.
    Nobody really knows for sure what is different but it is possible that it is now running vxworks. I would steer clear of that one unless you know for sure you can return it easily.
  56. danr

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    A couple of quotes from this thread:

    "Purchased a WRT54GS with a serial of CGN70xxx. Could not load any 3rd party firmware on it. Turned it over and it is marked v5."

    "Firmware version is 1.50.3. The router does not respond to SysInfo.htm or SysInfo1.htm."
  57. danr

    danr Network Guru Member

    WRT54GS v5 / CGN7



    Posted: 18 Jan 2006 19:59 Post subject: Confirmation


    Stick a fork in it.

    Sent the following email to linksys-opensource@linksys.com:

    So is this true:
    Latest WRT54GS v5, serial number CGN7.... runs VxWorks?

    Got following reply:
    ------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------
    From: "Chris Chapman (chchapma)" <chchapma@cisco.com>

    Yes this is true.

  58. SAPo57

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    I took a field trip w/ my cisco class, went to the Linksys company site and they showed us about the NEW WRT models coming out close to 2007 v5.2 is in process as well as the WLRT54G/GS : they didn't tell us any specifications except that we took a survey to describe what were to most critcal issues with routers &wireless connections so that they can improve on building these devices.
  59. SAPo57

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  60. Longs

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    Before I knew better, bought a V5 at Best Buy for $39.99 after rebates. After reading the forum, went to Wal-Mart, found a V4 but it was $10 more. Flashed the V4 with DD-WRT so it could serve as a wireless bridge for XBOX, works great.

    Returned the V5 to Wal-Mart. UPC numbers on the boxes are the same, no way for them to know the difference.
  61. MattLL

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  62. tuskan

    tuskan Network Guru Member

    so strange that you discussing so much about, wile its so easy to get WRT 54GS v1.0

    At least our shops still have exactly that model, none sells v4 or v5 - sellers said that they not even been offered with those yet.

    gotta ask also - what's the HV difference between v1.0 and v3 - noone yet told me if v3 better or not.
  63. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    What can be the side effects of the generic cialis well most people say that there are none, but is this believable?
  64. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I totally agree about the WRT54G v5. I have so many problems with it and i can't believe how bad linksys is about this. STAY AWAY from linksys products all together!!!!
  65. azmi269

    azmi269 Network Guru Member

    v5 doesnt work!!

    exited and upgraded to 1.00.6 and guess what, the problems with pppoe is still there, kept losing the gateway ip :( and the latest firmware is dated 18 jan 06....i am still waiting and in a month, if the cannot come up with a new firmware, i will ditch i and never again to buy a linksys!
  66. compfixr2

    compfixr2 Network Guru Member

    Now What?

    I have purchased a wrt54gv5 for a two user dsl connection at our business. Just like the problems everyone else is having, I keep a connection between computers, but keep loosing internet connection every 10-15 min. After resetting router, everything is OK until it drops out again. I have tried updating firmware to lastest v5 update, but no help.

    more info gladly provided.

    What can I do? Any suggestions?
  67. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    If you bought it in a store, I would return it as defective. Get an older WRT54G v4 unit if they have one in-stock. Or the WRT54GL which is the same hardware but relabelled.

    If you bought it online I would call Linksys and ask them to ship you an earlier version of the product, as this model is clearly defective. I wouldn't recommend sitting on the phone for 3-4 hours trying to "fix" it with some guy in the Phillipines, unless your time has no value.
  68. __spc__

    __spc__ Network Guru Member

    Re: Now What?

    I picked up a cheap v1 WRT54G on eBay, then flashed DD-WRT v23 to it; this and my flashed v2 WRT54G are now running nicely in WDS mode.

    (I even PayPal'd a donation for the use of DD-WRT!)
  69. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  70. yocobs

    yocobs Network Guru Member

    well then there will be no linux for V4 GS?
    so how come that DD-WRT Firmware runs on it
    and anyhow will be there some of kind of linux shell on it someday?
  71. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Linksys RMA very painful to deal with

    I'm having problems with my V.2 WRT54G router where I no longer have any network connectivity, and power cycling the unit seems to fix it for a day or so. I am getting a ping latency of avg. 78 ms whereas without the router, via my Motorola Doksys modem, I get avg of 30ms latency and NO dropped packets.

    I decided to phone Linksys, after much painful discussion, they RMA'd me a unit and I specifically asked for a Version 2 to replace my version 2. Instead they sent me a Version 5 with a waybill that says version 3.

    Maybe they put my 2 and their 3 together and got 5? no clue. Called them back only for them to push me onto their stupid KB. OMG I was raging, finally got the RMA number to phone only to find out they close at 8PM. WOW....Service is obviously not important to the folks at Linksys.
  72. dlmcmurr

    dlmcmurr Network Guru Member

    I upgraded my WRT54G v5 firmware 3 days ago from 1.00.4 to .6 and it's still up! That's about 2.5 days longer than it's ever worked before without dropping the gateway address. :thumb: Using Bellsouth ADSL w/ Westell 6100 in bridged mode.
  73. azmi269

    azmi269 Network Guru Member

    1.006 works for me!

    Hi, title says it all. here's what i did.

    1. upgraded to 1.00.6 and hit the reset button
    2. changed the local ip address from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.2.x

    pls do not forget to manually hit the reset button after upgrade. just do it and u will be happy. i ignored that step and had problems earlier. dont as me abut the address change.

    try it!


  74. Wintermute_ryc

    Wintermute_ryc Network Guru Member

    I got my v5 as well. It works fine with 1.00.6. If you don't care about modding I don't think it's a problem. The problem is that Linksys rushed their product - only had they tested the router some more, just like the rest of their products - first 2 firmwares are always buggy...
  75. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    I have had the same problem. I just purchased a V5 from Newegg.com. I was happy to get a new router. My Airlink 315w from fry’s was a P.O.S! So I went to Newegg.com and found a linksys wrt54g with a $15 mail in rebate. Little did I know I was in for a surprise. I had no lockup from firmware, but my latency is unstable when connected physically to my router. This is sad that Linksys doesn't tell us about this "fix". I understand Linux versions can get hacked but I don't care I just wan to play my Counter Strike Source with the ability for someone in the house to use the wireless router without bugging me. I will get my stupid $15 so I don't feel so bad about my purchase. Anyway, does anyone know a web site that gives a list of the top 10 cheapest routers to purchase? I don't want to be screwed again for the 3rd time.
  76. Wintermute_ryc

    Wintermute_ryc Network Guru Member


    Did you upgrade the firmware? The v5 is as good as a broken with the firmware version 1.00.1 or so. I already went through two updates since I bought it (it came with 1.00.1).

    ( but since BEFR41 that I had, all Linksys routers suck without 2nd or 3rd firmware update..)

  77. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    wrt54g v5

    I upgraded to 1.006 version. Its stable only that I have a latency issue and it's slow to open up ports. So I guess you can say it's a retarded router. WTF do they do this to us? We pay for this crap... They should put the dam thing on the box so that we dont make the mistake.. Oh well, like the realibility of Ford cars Linksys sinks to their level. I just hope Linksys doesn't have 30,000 unemployed workers because of sucky routers :( :( If you play counter stirke source with 2015 ports with tcp and udp open and have no problems with V5 modem I need help. My router doesn't log me in immediatly it has unstable latency when connected to servers.
  78. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    VRT54G V5

    I hope soon we can get the firmware for this version.

    Soo :rockon: they know what waiting for.
    Also it's not fer what they doo , cause I think 90 % of people use the 3-rd part of firmware's.
    Soo I don't understud what they doo that one.
  79. bigjohns

    bigjohns Network Guru Member

    won't happen.

    and someone told me that the GS is now V5... with, yeah, you guessed... VXworx...
  80. Velda

    Velda Guest

    holy hopping hell what a piece of shit router this is. I had been using the previous versions for a long time with nothing but joy. I now have serious reservations on ever buying another new linksys product.

    While i was out of country my mothers house was hit by lightning and friend her old wrt54g, so i just told her to go buy another one, not knowing about the v5 models yet. Ive been visiting her for almost a month now, ive upgraded the bios to .6 and tried to tweak out any possible settings but it still complete crap.

    Torrents are almost impossible. If i run more than one torrent over the router the internet completely dies. If i do a major file transfer over the network it dies. If you try to transfer anything heavier than regular internet over the WiFi it dies. If you try to pass any IPSec past it to a computer on the inside it dies.

    its complete crap. If i had to live here id ebay a v4 and fedex this v5 back to linksys with a pile of dog poo in it. Luckily the router actually works as long as only one computer is using it and not doing anything major, so it still works fine for my mother.
  81. levonti

    levonti Guest

    Hello! I have: Linksys WRT54G v5.0
    Firmware Version:v1.00.6 , Jan 10 2006
    Boot Version:1.01.2

    11g RF Status:enabled(HW)
    11g RF Firmware Version:
    11g RF Domain:DE(channel 1~13)
    11g RF Channel:11
    11g RF SSID:linksys

    Whether prompt, please, there are for today ways to update firmware for working as Access Point and client point (client side) and (or) WDS? Whether there are prospects to solve this problem? Beforehand thanks.
  82. Dj_brokensoul

    Dj_brokensoul Network Guru Member

    :drinking: this crap is going back to where it come from, i just read the whole 10 pages and got an advice to buy a cisco, which i was told does everything we want with no upgrades. well if i do buy it i will let you all know how it goes, for now V5 is sht. :drinking:
  83. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Searched all over the Palisades (NY) mall checking serial numbers and finding only v5's, but finally found three v4 GS in Best Buy (not in the main stack of them, but a secondary location) - bought one, two remain. Loaded up DDRT and got it running in client mode.

    Question though: could the ram and flash chips be upgraded in the v5 units? I realize it's not easy soldering, but not unreasonable to someone skilled - so if it were done, and the new flash chip were pre-initialized, would it work?
  84. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Found a v4

    I went to Fry's yesterday to look for a WRT54GS v4. Everything was CGN70... until I got to the back of the shelf and found a CGN60. Brought it home and opened the box and it is v4 -- hooray!

    Now can anyone recommend the best 3rd party firmware to down load? I just do standard stuff but want the increased transmit power.
  85. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    HyperWRT Thibor would be my first call on a WRT54GS. DD-WRT and the others are great firmware, but HypwerWRT is designed to look and act as much like the native firmware as possible, while adding new features.
  86. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    Thanks to gaster for helping me avoid the CGN70 and to NateHoy for putting me on to HyperWRT Thibor. I am now up and running with a WRT54GS v4 with HyperWRT firmware and enough transmit power to cover my house. :)
  87. JohnyC

    JohnyC Network Guru Member

    Well, I buyed without knowing the v5 of this router. I got a pc wired and a laptop wireless behind the router. I downloaded the newest firmware 1.00.6 and configured the router. It's running almost 4 days without any problems.
    This is my first router so I can't compare but I can't complain about this router, I download at hight speed and played a whole afternoon online games without loosing once my connection.
    I guess all the bugs are fixed with this firmware?
  88. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    NOPE!!! I got a WRT54G V5; upgraded to the newest firmware; 3 days after use and it crashed. I tried to unplug it and wire it back up but the power light just kept flashing. Returned it and am looking for a V4 now. CompUSA in bay area (near tranfran) had plenty of WRT54GS V4; were talking about a whole self load of them.
  89. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I just bought one new for 30$ Canadian with a 20$ mail in rebate so 10$. Its worth 10$ lol.
  90. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    installation woes....


    I have an Airlink 315W router and a Airlink AWLC3025 wireless card and a Dlink DSL-302T ADSL modem. my problem is that though i can connect to the internet via the usb cable from DLink modem, I cant get to connect through the ethernet cable via the router. all lights in the router are green - power,wan,wlan and lan. i have a presario 2100 laptop with winXP. kindly give me step by step instructions how to use internet through the ethernet and wireless card. i connect only one comp thro the wireless card.

    neither the manual nor nothing has helped. i am a total nerd as far as configuring networks is concerned incluing dns, ip etc etc so please be elaborate in your explaination.

    many thanks
  91. watchin

    watchin Guest

    What am I missing here? There must be some powerful mojo with a flashed older version of this router. Will it let me watch sat TV for free? Will it allow me to log onto broadband highspeed for free? What the heck? What can it do that the newer unflashable units can? I am either too new to this or there are some strange wi-fi folks. I have a brand new WRT45GS and it is doing exactly what I bought it for. It lets me take my laptops anywhere in my house and sends any documents to be printed back to my printer. It does this at 54kbps (that's what it says, anyway) and does it all day and all night with no prob from anywhere in my house. Four bars all the time.
    C'mon you guys, what am I missing here? What is the 'hidden' use for the flashed V.3 or V.4??

    NRGXBOX Network Guru Member

    Damnit i wish i would have knew about this sooner.....returning my v5
  93. JohnyC

    JohnyC Network Guru Member

    Hmmz, contacted the shop and asked for a GL version. Reading this here, I'll take my precautions
  94. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I just (last night) bought a WRT54GS v2.0 (serial beginning with CGN3 denotes it as 2.0 according to the wikipedia table http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WRT54GS ) from walmart on I64 in east-central raleigh, nc. they had 4 left.

    this is my first linksys product ever besides a couple crappy 10/100 cards. I got it in lieu of building a miniature pc based router to run FreeBSD on.

    so far it works well, came with firmware 3.37.7 on it, I have not flashed it with anything as of yet, but will soon.
  95. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    DSl with wrt54g

    Hey, unfortunately i found all this info AFTER i bought a WRT54G v5. The ONLY problem I have with this router at all, is the internet speed, my Verizon DSL went from 350KB/sec to 40KB/sec....... Ive read tons here, and its great info.....I jsut wanna be sure...If i buy a WRT54G version 4, my DSL should go back up to around 350KB/sec right?

  96. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I am so glad I didn't get a v5 of the GS. Though, it seems like if you don't mind the v4 of the GS, there are tons of them still around. I wanted an earlier version because of the lower memory of the v4 GS. I went to many different store, and I usually found a ton of CGN7 (v5) and a ton of CGN6 (v4). Finally, after searching about 5 stores, I found one that had many different versions. It had one CGN3 (v2), two CGN4 (v2.1), one CGN5 (v3) (WOOT!!!), and many CGN6 (v4), and not as many CGN7 (v5). As you can tell from that sentence, I went with the v3 of the GS. Got the extra memory, and the more powerful version. I am not sure why, but it seems like the v3, is the hardest to find, even harder than the older v2 or v2.1. I wish everyone luck in finding a non v5 as well.
  97. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Anyone knows where can I buy the WRT54G version 4 ??

    I only find the last version ... is the GS last release the v5?
    THank you for any help
  98. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    GS with serial number starting in CGN7 = V5
    G with serial number starting in CDFB = V5

    All other known G/GS/GL models = Linux.
  99. carolina_blue

    carolina_blue Network Guru Member

    I have a wrt54gs, i also have vonage hooked off it, it is not holding connection to the internet and have to pull the power off and plug it back in for it to reset and work and it will drop off again, again, again again...im about ready to go nuts ... :x
  100. resnick

    resnick Network Guru Member


    I've been a long time Linksys lover but not any more, I used to have a V2 (so good). But it burned out after 2 years of heavy use. Now I have a V5, its currently is about as impressive as me Microsoft MN-700. In fact my MS router needs to be reset less. I taking this piece of shit back.
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