3rd Party Firmware Support WRT54G and WRT54GS v5 v6 v7 v8

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    Hi Carolina,

    Could you write down the configuration what you used and what your operations are, thanks.
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    Please write down what this model is clearly defective, thanks.
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    WRT54G v5


    Is anyone _not_ using the latest firmware (1.00.6) for this router (v5) ?

    I ask because I recently bought it from amazon.co.uk (I wish i'd done more research before hand) and immediately upgraded to the latest firmware and am wondering if any of the earlier versions are better?

    The main problems i'm having:

    - Poor wireless performance (300-800 kbps when transferring from wired to wireless machines)
    - BitTorrent (official linux client v4.2.2) doesn't work at all. It just doesn't connect to a tracker and I get the error: "temporary failure in name resolution".

    Also, does anyone know if Linksys are going to continue supporting this router with firmware updates? I'm assuming that the problems must be related to the change in software (therefore fixable) and there are no underlying hardware problems. I'm thinking of returning it to amazon although i'm not sure if I would get a full refund since it's been opened and used (although it could be considered defective). Or would contacting Linksys UK about a replacement (non-v5) be a better idea!?

    Bottom line: it simply doesn't come close to meeting its specifications.


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    I just upgraded my firmware on my WRTG v5 form 100.1 to 100.6 because my DL speed from newsgroups dropt from 900KB/s to 500KB/s.

    Now with the 100.6 firmware ist's back to 850KB/s.

    This is acceptable to me. :thumb:

    I Know the thing is still a poor product, but it's the only version you can buy in the Netherlands. :(

    Let's hope someone can upgrade the firmware for the futer cause the WIFI range sucks.
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    WRT54G v5 & WRT54GS v5 - WHAT A MESS!!!

    I've used Linksys network hardware for years.
    I started out on Netgear, but found Linksys to be better.
    It was, until the geniusses at Linksys decided to go with v5.
    The new firmware and the fact it is not Linux based, really STINKS!!!
    Whoever did the quality control testing for these models should be FIRED!
    I've had both a WRT54G and a WRT54GS for about 10 days now.
    I've upgraded to the latest firmware but I've had to reset my router at least once a day.
    Today, I've had to reset it FIVE TIMES!!!

    What a mess!!!!!!!!!

    If you're buying Linksys routers... STAY AWAY FROM V5!!!!!!
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    Although that source code is listed on the v5 page i'm pretty sure it is just for versions 1-4 (i.e. the Linux versions where Linksys released source code for each firmware revision). Very confusing because it's not actually listed on the pages for v1-4.

    v5 uses a proprietary VxWorks OS, so there is no chance of the source being released to the public (especially not under any free/open license).

    I'm not sure if it would be possible to replace this firmware with a Linux-based one somehow but some have said that the the reduced memory makes it impractical to run Linux on it anyway.

    It's a real shame; we are basically at their mercy as to whether they attempt to resolve the problems and bring it up to the same level of the first 4 versions.

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    Re: WRT54G v5 GPL Code

    Gabriel -

    Linksys has a bad link on their page. The GPL link on their V5 support page should not be there, and is pointing to V4 and prior GPL code.

    4.20.9 is firmware for the WRT54GL/WRT54G V4 and prior, the WRT54G V5 runs VxWorks (a closed source operating system) and you're about as likely to see the source code for that as you are for Windows Vista.

    Linksys cannot GPL the source for the V5 units. It is technology they have licensed from a third party.
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    WRT54G v5 GPL Code

    Ya... :thumbdown: , thank you for your answers.

    I have the v5 (was a gift and I could not chosen the version :( ) .
    I had wanted to be able to increase the power of my router to try to have a decent connection at the first plant of my house.

    I will have to change router´s place...

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    I found a place that has a few WRT54GS v2.0 (CGN30) & v4.0 (CGN60). Just wondering which one of the 2 models I should buy?

    Any suggestions?

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    I have the same issue with a GS v3, They wanted me to RMA..lost my reciept. 3rd party here we go.
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    i have a problem with my v5. it doesn't want by the life in it to save the settings for the static ip connection. it says it saved them but after closing the management page and re-opening it(or even after a reboot for that matter) the settings are changed in the most peculiar way. the dns and gateway are correct... but the ip and subnet mask are changed. the ip is modified to and the subnet mask is also modified to the classic (it should be
    any ideeas on what's wrong? or what i'm doin wrong..
    running out of ideeas here. :(

    i'm runing win xp sp2 if that's of any relevance. firmware on the thing is 1.00.6.
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    GS v2 comes with 8/32MB Flash/RAM. Although a GS v4 comes built with the 2nd generation of Broadcom WiFi CPU, it only comes with 4/16MB Flash/RAM. If I were you, I would pick GS v2. This way, I can buff my GS v2 router more programs, i.e. asterisk, to run. So, pick your choice.

    BTW, the best GS router for the bucks is v3, YMMV. It's built on a 2nd Broadcom WiFi CPU and comes with 8/32MB Flash/RAM -- a combination of v2 + v4.
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    I've seen a lot of people that have come home/woke up to find that thier "older" versions of WRT54G's are no longer working!!!! Odd isn't it that LinkSys is now selling the "new/improved" v.5?????? What a POS that is...I bought one to replace (lo and behold) my WRT54G v.1.0 that burned out after being on continuously and never having an issue. And once I got installed and loaded and tried to forward my ports for my servers (game and voice) I kept dropping, signals, dropping my internet connection and having to reboot, reboot, reboot the darn thing!!!
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    Re: conspiracy?

    What kind of game did you play?
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    I had to replace my Linksys WRT54G version 3 because it quit working. The new one I got as a replacement is verison 5 and really it seems to work just fine for my needs. I don't use any 3rd party firmware but I would say that some will probably be developed in the future. Question is, is VX Works all bad? Why did Linksys switch from Linux? Can the code be smaller and work with less memory thus cutting costs?

    My version 5 seems to work as good or better than the version 3 I had been using. On the version 3 I had the latest firmware and it worked great but then suddenly over the weekend the "uplink" side quit working and nothing seemed to fix the problem hence a trip to the store for a free replacment.
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    ive done what i can find in forums and kb.linksys to fix this ..had a v1 and it ran fine untill just the other week ..no biggie right? (do i hear laughter in the background?) ..went to buy a new one couple days ago and thought it was just a matter of plugging it in and do the static ip thing ..boy was i wrong ..ok new firmware installed and still i cant forward a thing ..as i start out ive pretty much been though every forum i could get my hands on the last couple of days and it aint been pretty ..especially after reading this thread ..mostly at myself for not checking what the hell i was buying from the .....nive young salesman who assured me it was "just the same as the old one" ..i just want ma freakin FTP back up and running ..so, is this because i got v5? ..sumat fancy i could do to make it work ..or would you guys tell me to run back and git ma monee back?
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    I can't see third party firmware ever being developed for the V5. There just isn't enough memory to do it using a generic Linux kernel, and I don't see anyone who's likely to sit down and hand-code a routing operating system from scratch to fit in the very limited memory of a V5 unit.

    VxWorks is not "all bad". It's a half decent embedded operating system, actually. My ReplayTV runs it and it works pretty well. However, as a member of a community that has come to expect modifiable gear to overcome certain factory deficiencies of the Linksys routers, such as the "5 day connections" but that plagues P2P users, seeing that modding capability go away is bound to cause angst. Linksys has taken the WRT54G / WRT54GS from one of the leaders of the pack in its price range and relegated it to "just another consumer device". While this does not make the router BAD, it makes it not as good as it was before.

    Linksys switched from Linux, I presume, to save the per-unit costs (they cut the flash and RAM in half when they went to VxWorks). Of course, then they have licensing costs for VxWorks, so only their accounting division can say for sure whether this was a sound fiscal move.

    The upshot is - if the Linksys router works for your needs, then great. It's a decent router. But since it's now a closed-source proprietary router with no modification possibilites, there's not much left to differentiate it from the (usually cheaper) NetGear and DLink consumer routers.
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    Change the flash & RAM then?

    Can the flash be increased to 8/16MB and the RAM to 16/32MB?

    It appears to be possible.

    Just need to have boot code (at the very least) on the new flash and Atheros drivers, it seems.
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    The only reason that I beleive in is that Cisco switched their APs from VxWorx based firmware to IOS based firmware. So they just handed the WRT54G(s) series to the guys who were developing the VxWorkx based firmware for the Cisco Access Points. No need of extra licensing, no need to hire new coders... Just cheaper hardware.
    They also left the WRT54GL for the consumer who know what he needs. So, everybody is happy.
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    firmware 1.00.6

    I have a linksys router #wrt54g v5 that stops me at every turn from running a game server. The last version of linksys server I had worked like a charm but this thing I can get my server to work once (ONCE!!!) then nothing. I've called tech support a million times and they want to send me a new router and a purple squishy. I know the hardware and the firmware is working as well as it s hould be. WTF. I think my head is about to explode.
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    Here is another "which is better" question:

    I have the choice between WRT54GS v1.1 (CGN2) & v4.0 (CGN60). The 1.1 version has 32MB ram/8MB flash where the 4.0 has 16MB ram/4MB flash but are there other differences I should be aware of?

    Which should I choose? Thanks in advance.
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    Looks like I found a potential bug.

    Im using firmware v1.00.6; I have the router setup with a static ip, and just like most people, when the router was powered off then on, or even randomly, the static ip magically disappeared. So to get internet working again, I had to login to the router and setup the static ips again.

    Now for the bug. Under Administration, and Management, theres an option: UPnP: Enable (default) or Disable. When this setting is enabled the router ALWAYS looses the ip when it is restarted. I set it to disable, and the problem was gone. Now I have to wait and see if this also fixes the problem of randomly loosing the ip without a restart. But for now, even if the router is restarted, the ip does not disappear!.

    So to recap, if you are using a WRT54G v.5 Router w/firmare v1.00.6, DISABLE the UPnP option.
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    Re: firmware 1.00.6

    Hi Friend,

    New firmware version has fixed CS2 game issue. You can download it. If this issue still happens, please write down what kind of game you played, thanks.
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    GOt Mine last week... DDWRT in Action.

    Anyway.. anyone got any script for the WRT54GS V4. Prepaid System...

    Where Somebody need to pay or but the activation key for his/her Mac address being listed into the list and being least with certain amount of time using the services untill the preiod is due???

    IF yes.. can the program be flash into the WRT ROM??? Coz still got 14mb lest.
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    who knows something about
    a wrt54gs with the serial no. CGN8... ??

    i cant find anything on the web
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    The router my landlord bought me (unfortunately I live in a student's house and can't buy "what I want", he just bought it one day) the WRT54G, but I'm wondering which version I have.

    My serial # starts with CDFC. Since I read the v5 starts with CDFB, is this some sort of evolution?

    And, more important: is it possible to install 3rd party firmware or does the same problem occur als in the v5?

    Some other problem I got since a few days, is that the setup interface is totally unreachable... when I open, I get the window prompt asking for my password. When I enter the pwd, I only get a totally blank page.
    I'm not able to reset the router at this point, since it's in my roommates room, and she's not at home for a few days :thumbdown:
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    Not positive, but you may have something related to this I noticed a few weeks ago:

    WRT54G V7 ???

    Easiest way to tell your version though is to look at the bottom label as it will directly state the version right there.
  29. Toxic

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    Updated the initial post to include v5 WRT54GS
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    DD-WRT micro version for WRT54G v 5 !

    From the dd-wrt.com homepage:

    "04.04.06 2:32 am

    Subject: and last but not least...
    ...i added now a 1,7 mb micro build to the dd-wrt series and yes it runs on the WRT54Gv5 too if you know how to flash it. so please keep the donations running to support my work in future too. "

    Look at the betas dated April 3, 2006 or later.
    The "final" v23 SP1 should be coming soon.


    Needless to say, due to less available memory, there are fewer features than would be available for other routers.

    Before you go installing anything, I'd wait a couple of days until they update the hardware.txt file...

    From what I read so far, it seems like you may need to erase the flash via a JTAG first (you could build your own - or buy one, for I think $15). :-(

    Look at the last page of:
  31. Impreza

    Impreza LI Guru Member

    Referring to my post above: I just checked the bottom of the router, and it's a WRT54G-EU v5.1. So I guess I'm doomed now when it comes to 3rd party firmware? :)

    A reset brought back the configuration pages by the way.
  32. infinito

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    DDWRT has a firmware for v5

    visit site www.ddwrt.org
    04-04-2006 they publish a version for this model
  33. slamcat

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    Re: DDWRT has a firmware for v5

    With a note; you have to jtag the router and erase it that way first. I'm glad they were able to do this, but the V5 is still crippled.
  34. ka9yhd

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    Thanks for the warning............. Just kidding!

    Seriously I wish I knew this before I had purchased my WRT54G Version 5.

    The version 5 does not work very well with VoIP. With the firmware that the unit came with, v. 1.00.1 I could make calls but not receive them, as the VoIP adapter and the soft phone on my laptop would never ring.
    I tried opening ports and port forwarding, even the DMZ option. Nothing worked.
    I was reading on Linksys web site about firmware updates and I saw this:

    Firmware 1.00.6
    - Resolves issues with WAP54G repeater mode
    - Resolves issues with certain PPPoE connection
    - Resolves issues with SES turning back on when applying settings
    - Resolves issues with WPA allowing Shared key selection
    - Resolves issues with web GUI ping function
    - Resolves issues with using MSN whiteboard
    - Resolves issues with instability when using Bittorent
    - Resolves issues with using certain ATA phone adapters
    - Resolves issues with connecting to NNTP news servers

    The comments that caught my attention were:

    - Resolves issues with using certain ATA phone adapters

    So I decided to try the firmware update v. 1.00.6
    Now I can not make or receive calls with *BOTH* the VoIP adapter and the soft phone on my laptop.
    After going a round and round with Linksys's tech support, it was determined to be a firmware related issue.
    After filling out a RMA form, this WRT 54G is going back to Linksys. I have asked if I can receive a version 4 or older unit............... We shall see what happens.
  35. mark105

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    looks like i made a good choice selling my WRT54G V5 and buying a WRT54GL then
  36. pavelkamburov

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    hi all
    wrt54gsv5.1 work fine whit dd-wrt54_micro. this firmware load whit jtag inrvace and cfe.bin for wap54v3. If have any questions please send me question in forum or e-mail pavelkamburov@dir.bg
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    oups bad topic :sadbye:
  38. Gspot

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    I am getting a new router soon..

    i was thinking of purchasing the wrt54g or gs

    my question is,

    is there a way we can check what version the router is without opening the box ?

    thanks :thumb:
  39. mingkee

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    go for WRT54GL
    I got one to replace a died V5
    our wireless employed 5ea V5, 2 of them died in 6 months
  40. Bazzek

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    1.00.9 out

    New firmware out... just installed, no idea if it fizes disconnect issues...

    Here is the info from Linksys:
    Firmware 1.00.9
    - Resolves issue with MAC cloning
    - Resolves issue with L2TP connection
    - Resolves issue with using DNS server behind the router
    - Resolves issue with loading configuration through HTTPS
    - Resolves issue with PPPoE CHAP authentication
    - Resolves issue with using Ping Plotter
    - Resolves issue with SSH disconnects
    - Resolves issue with DHCP WAN connection not acquiring the correct IP
    - Resolves issue with UPnP
    - Adds support for WRT54G v.6
    - Resolves issue with Access Restriction
    - Resolves issue with incorrect time display
    - Resolves issue with using subnets other than
    - Resolves security issue when using IRC
    - Resolves issue with WAN address being pingable when port forwarding is enabled
    - Resolves issue with using Kultalinkki banking software
    - Resolves issue where web GUI becomes unreachable if remote management is enabled on port 80 or 443
    - Resolves issue with slow internal loopback, i.e., accessing a local server through the WAN IP address
    - Resolves issue with accessing online game servers
  41. santiber

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    I need to know if I can load any 3rd party firmware on WRT54Gv5

    I need to use it for WDS (bridge with another wifi router)

  42. Max_Hopper

    Max_Hopper LI Guru Member

    Absolute rubbish. Connections dropping like flies. Had to back-level to 1.00.6 to regain some stability. Great, the time is corrected. Roll-on 1.00.10!
  43. Like many of you in this forum, I want to bridge two WRT54GS routers and, since I already had a v1.1 and heard about being able to Wi-Fi link it to another using different firmware, I bought a new WRT54GS and started trying to get them to talk to each-other. Needless to say I didn't manage it, found out that it was because the new one is a v5.1, and I am stuck.

    I already knew about the HyperWRT firmware only running on earlier routers so I installed it on the v1.1 but it just won't talk to the new one.

    Having read through most of the messages in this forum it has become apparent that I'm not alone in this but I wondered if anyone has found a solution in this scenario? I was thinking that the v5.1 ought to work as the primary router since it doesn't need new firmware but it seems that the problem is that it doesn't support WDS?

    Any thoughts, help or advice would be warmly welcomed as I've already had to return one v5.1 as it was DOA so taking this one back is going to be a bit embarassing!

    (In the UK BTW).

  44. guest

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  45. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd LI Guru Member

    I had so much trouble trying to get a WRT54G version 5 to work with VoIP that the tech at Linksys flagged it for return. So I did an RMA return of the version 5 and Linksys sent me a WRT54GL version 1.1 :cheer: :clap: :cheering:
  46. IanRobertson

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    Airport Express?????

    Does this new development mean I'm screwed with respect to connecting my Airport Express to my WRT54GS v5?

    Why me? :cry:
  47. digitalgeek

    digitalgeek Network Guru Member

    Version 5???

    Let me understand this... we can flash a V5 with DD-WRT?

    can somebody clarify this as I have looked in the stores and I can only find a V5 or newer? :eek:
  48. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Re: Version 5???

    read 3 post before you.

  49. binderz77

    binderz77 Network Guru Member

    WRT54GS Hardware version 6 starts with CGN9
  50. Elspode

    Elspode Guest

    I've got one of the damnable WRT54GS v5 boxes. I just attempted the procedure detailed at the Bitsum link quoted by Toxic, and I got a "Firmware Upgrade Failed" error message - twice - when I tried to install the first .bin file, "prep".

    It didn't appear to hurt the router, it just refused to accept it. Anyone else have this problem? This will teach me to buy hardware without researching, first. I really need to bump the power on this thing.
  51. NLange

    NLange LI Guru Member

    A theory about WHY Linksys has made these hardware restrictions: Linksys was forced by US government to protect their hardware from third party firmwares. Only the manufacturer should have the control over features like radiation power, frequency restrictions and so on. Therefore the third-party-ready WRT54GL is only selled in Europe. In the EU are WLAN-restrictions by governments are much liberal as in the US (e.g. 13 instead of 11 channels).
  52. slamcat

    slamcat Network Guru Member

    BS...if that's the case, then why did the FCC allow them to put out the WRTSL54GS, knowing full well this model would, at some point, be modded third party? Come on 8/32mb flash? Linux kernel? That's inviting third party, especially when you provide the source.
  53. NLange

    NLange LI Guru Member

    I say its a *theory*, not a fact :) Its possible that the WRTSL54GS was designed and produced before US government has spoken a command.

    I have another *theory* too: In the US the Linux OS has a smaller community base as in Europe. Linksys will divide the different markets with different hardware. The WRT54G* v5 are cheaper in production costs. Linksys tried these devices to sell in Europe but its a famous failure. v5 device selling are very very sick in Europe. Dealers are very frustrated about their stock of inventory.
  54. buggs1a

    buggs1a Network Guru Member

    what about speed booster version 6 router? no one local to me sells the older ones. so i got a vers 6 tonight.
  55. kiskakas

    kiskakas Network Guru Member

    Sorry, that i didn't read all this topic, but are there any information about wrt54g v7.0 ? There's no information at linksys.com, and all other official site, but my friend bought a v7.0 last week at hungary.. It works with the dd-wrt micro?
  56. gwalters69

    gwalters69 Guest

    I bought a v5 wrt54g. It dropped connections, both wired and wireless, repeatedly.. I was really angry with it. Then I read these forums, and found the DD-WRT micro site. I installed DD-WRT, and now, I boosted the wireless output, fixing wireless issues, and I have not had any more drops of my wired connections as well. Thank you all!
  57. adisor19

    adisor19 Network Guru Member

    The WRT54G v7 is Atheros based and just like the WRT300n v2 is also Atheros based, it would seem that Linksys is choosing to sell these outside of NA.

    There is little hope of these routers ever being flashed with a 3rd party firmware. Only OpenWRT seems to be concentrating on an Atheros based port.

  58. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd LI Guru Member

    D-Link has also done this. They are looking at their bottom line. If they can lower the cost of the product by reducing the amount of ram and going with VxWorks then they will.
  59. adisor19

    adisor19 Network Guru Member

    Thank GOD we still have Buffalo around. Their routers are top notch chock full of RAM and flash and also compatible with third party firmwares.

  60. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd LI Guru Member

    There is also Asus
  61. adambcohen

    adambcohen Network Guru Member

    I know this is an old post. However, I have a lot of clients out there with these new routers and are having all sorts of problems. Contacting Linksys I did a firmware and then did a hard reset. Sometimes that works other times it does not. Is linksys going to do anything about this. I love their support, but if this keeps up I may switch to netgear.
    With this being said...what is your take on all of this. Should I stick with Linksys?
  62. adisor19

    adisor19 Network Guru Member

    Why are your clients buying thise s*** boxes ? If they're v7 routers, you can tell them to return it or sell them on ebay and get either WRT54GL or Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 boxes and to then flash them with DD-WRT. You can also flash v5 and v6 WRT54G and GS boxes but since the routers have very little flash space, there won't be too many extra features. At least DD-WRT will be more stable then the crap VxWorks firmware that's currently there.

  63. rbarry1068

    rbarry1068 LI Guru Member

    Hey Toxic, read up on the pcmech forum about the DD-WRT v23 sp2 load for 54g V6


    user TOOMYG writes: "Well with Firmware: DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/15/06) micro (replacing VxWorks firmware) my router WRT54G V6 has been runner for almost a week with NO resets NO lockups or NO failed to open ports for games and stuff. I can open and close ports till my typing fingers turn blue with no problems"
  64. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    ... and there are upcoming WRT54G v8 and v9... and also the WRT54GS v8 and v9... sigh..!!!
  65. biledemon

    biledemon Guest

    WRT54G v.6

    Linksys tech support is such a pain in the ass. Troubleshooting with them to change the MTU, and some other variables on their config page did squat to fix my wireless/wired problems.

    After client disconnects galore I gave up and ALMOST returned the router until I found DD-WRT v23 SP2.

    The upgrade took some network config work but this router has been running for the last two hours with no problems whatsoever. I know I shouldn't have bought version 6 but I didn't know that until 20 minutes ago so I bit the bullet and digged for some usable 3rd party opensource firmware.

    In any event, I followed this tutorial.. step by step:


    Note: I didn't flash the bin file on WinXP, I used a win2000 box and it worked fine. Winxp gave me some trouble so I changed boxes.

    Wireless Router is now rock solid. No problems. :rockon:

    I really don't understand why would linksys have such a ****ty firmware plus the fact that when they cut down the memory (v4 = 16 megs and v6 = 8 megs) you are only left with a couple of choices on 3rd party firmwares.
  66. frenchy2k1

    frenchy2k1 LI Guru Member

    Linksys is not really concerned about 3rd party firmwares (by definition, 3rd party = NOT linksys).
    If you want assured compatibility and Linux, they have the WRT54GL.
    The 16MB->8MB is for cost reduction and their bottom line.

    The fact that the stock firmware is not STABLE though is not acceptable.
  67. LBSources

    LBSources LI Guru Member

    Quick question .. After upgrading to DD-WRT .. what is done in the event of vulnerabilities found? Does dd-wrt tend to them ASAP and correct them and you just upgrade from the GUI to the latest version?
  68. hcapstan

    hcapstan Network Guru Member

    WRT54GS v6.0 is good ?

    Is good for torrent ?

    Now I have WRT54G v2.2 and everyday I have problems with torrent, this router are frezee.

    Thks !!
  69. frenchy2k1

    frenchy2k1 LI Guru Member

    what firmware do you use?
    The usual problem with torrents is that the Linksys firmware tracks open connections for too long. Any 3rd party firmware fixes that problem.

    I would give a 3rd party firmware (HyperWRT, Tomato, DD-WRT) a try before buying a new router.
  70. hcapstan

    hcapstan Network Guru Member

    I try DD-WRT and up the connections and down timeout

    Connection 512 to 4090
    Timeout 3600 to 90

    Apparently the problems was solved !

    Thks !
  71. bpilati

    bpilati LI Guru Member

    Dang, I got a WRT54GS v6 recently as a replacement under warranty. Guess there are no firmware hacks for me.
  72. cheverly

    cheverly Guest

    cfe.bin for my bricked WRT54GS v.6

    Hi. I need bootloader CFE.BIN for my bricked WRT54GS version 6. I only can find CFE.BIN for WRT54GS version 4 (skynet tools). I can get vxworks.bin for my model and version router, thanks to VxWorks Image Tools, but I don´t know how I can flash it, because HairyDairyMaid utility only can flash CFE.BIN booloaders. Can I rename it to CFE.BIN? Thanks.
  73. CaNsA

    CaNsA Network Guru Member

    yo mate, im sure u can get dd-wrt micro rc4 or rc3 on ur router, go chk it innit. www.dd-wrt.com

    peace out
  74. tinutzu

    tinutzu Guest

    wrt54gs v6.0

    I have also same problem; i need cfe.bin, or something to build
  75. bambiloid

    bambiloid LI Guru Member

    i have WRT54GS v6 and I am running DD-WRT micro V24 RC3 with total success...
  76. G8 ... just got 3 routers and all of them v7 !! :E
  77. EternalOne

    EternalOne LI Guru Member

    I have dd-wrt micro running on my v8. Not the most stress-free process I've ever had to do (especially since for some reason I actually had to flash the thing twice before it would work), but not too painful. Here's the thread with the instructions I used: http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=20095

    Unfortunately, I still need to do some work with the antennas, which Linksys made non-user-replaceable for the v8. I have no intention of letting that stop me, of course, but it's certainly going to make for an interesting ride.
  78. n9lya

    n9lya LI Guru Member

    I need these CFE.BIn and other files to fix my Wrt54gs v1.1 and a wrt54gsv4

    Can anyone help..

    I have the Jtag cable and software working... Just need the files to flash
  79. cy_coe

    cy_coe LI Guru Member

    These urls should help:

    edit: just found this one in another thread:
    usually there is no need to flash a new CFE.BIN. In most cases it's enough to erase nvram! Try this first!
  80. Ex-Demoniq

    Ex-Demoniq Guest

    Hello everyone

    I just bought WRT54GS ver 7.1 (?) CGNB which is not mentioned in this thread.

    Anyway... I would like to ask what is the deal with all those new versions of routers that you do not reccomend O_O
    Shouldn't be the new versions better then the old ones ? Is it all beacause tere is no 3rd party firmwere which supports them ?

    If you can answer my question and maybe give me some advices/links for my router (firmwere/config/etc.) then I would be more then greatful.

  81. HolyRoses

    HolyRoses Guest

  82. WebSnozz

    WebSnozz Addicted to LI Member

    I would suggest updating the initial post on this thread with links to a guide for flashing DD-WRT micro:

    I had almost completely lost hope when reading this thread. Luckily I didn't, and had read through the below to see what it said about support for my router.
  83. Dikta-BOY

    Dikta-BOY LI Guru Member

  84. kostek11

    kostek11 Addicted to LI Member


    I have Windows Vista + Linksys WRT54g3g-EM + Merlin XU870. I've just updatet firmware to openwrt-wrt54g3g-em-squashfs and I can't open setup page Can You help ?

  85. tico111

    tico111 Addicted to LI Member

    CDFB = WRT54G v5.0 / BCM5352EKPB Chipset < the one to stay away from.

    I used this model and version and was able to create a bridge.
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