5+ computers on WRV54G

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by fpoblete, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. fpoblete

    fpoblete LI Guru Member

    Quick question:
    Is it possible to connect more than 4 computers to the WRV54G using an external switch?

    Currently I do so on my BEFSR41v2, but it's getting old (DCHP not working properly, ftp blocked and, of course, no wireless).
  2. AirCooln

    AirCooln Network Guru Member

    Definatly possible. I've had both an old Intel switch and now a Linksys gigabit switch plugged into my wrv54g. Well more then 4 devices on my network.
  3. Lucky #7

    Lucky #7 LI Guru Member

    I've got nine currently connected.
  4. fpoblete

    fpoblete LI Guru Member

    I'M SORRY, I've a WRT54G (not WRV54G)

    Even though, I think the problem is the same:

    I used to connect a BEFSR41 v2 to an external switch, but if I try that on the WRT (connecting the 1st port of it to the switch) nothing happens.

    Am I using the wrong port (perhaps I should try the 4th) or is it just the WRT54G ain't capable?
  5. eric_stewart

    eric_stewart Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    The WRT54G's ports are auto MDI-X which means that they will auto-negotiate polarity to accomodate either a crossover or straight-through cable. You should therefore be able to connect a switch or hub to any port on the WRT54G's built-in switch with any RJ45 patch cable that you have lying around. Of course, the cable has to be a good one, and should be Category 5 or better to support the FastEthernet standard. Are you sure your cable is good? Have you tested it?

    Another possibility is that the switch that you're trying to connect to the Linsksys is not properly negotiating speed & duplex (and polarity) with the WRT. So many variables!

    Advice: Try another patch cable or switch if you can. This should narrow down the issues. If a known good patch cable doesn't work then chances are pretty good that you have faulty hardware (as noted) on the Linksys or the switch. Do one thing at a time. Tedious though this is, you'll be no closer to finding the problem if you try both the new cable and switch at the same time and still have a problem. If you don't have another switch, you can temporarily connect two of the WRT's built-in switch ports together with the patch cable. (see note *)If you get a green light on those two switch ports then you know that a) the cable is working and; b) auto MDI-X is working too.

    [*sidebar: most consumer routers have spanning tree protocol (STP) running so you don't have to worry about locking up your switch with a "broadcast storm" if you patch two ports together]

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