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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by djdconsulting, May 23, 2006.

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    Ok this is probably a dumb question but I have a Linksys WRV54G. Now I understand by default it allows you to have 50 tunnels, but can I have 50 users? When I go to setup VPN User names it only gives me the option of inputing 5! Can I input more?

    I heard that you need an additional license to add more than 5 users. I don't forsee more than 5 users connected at the same time, but in the event I needed 10 people to connect how could I do this and where can I obtain this "license"?

    Also...I am looking into the WRV200 since the WRV54G does not allow GRE which I apparently need for a Mac to connect through the VPN. Does anyone know if this supports more than 5 users?
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    In order to get more the 5 users on the WRV54G, you have to buy the Quickvpn 50 Client User License Upgrade. I paid $106 for mine at www.pagecomputers.com. Be warned, it's some bullsh*t!

    The firmware for the upgrade is the same broken firmware (2.37) that came out in Nov '04. In case you didn't know, 2.37 had a problem with the builtin IPSEC 50 tunnel vpn server because the authentication (MD5/SHA-1) doesn't synchronize in phaseI or phase II (John Althoff pointed that out a few years ago). So, in the end, I could have 50 client vpn connections (that won't connect when you're running vpn tunnels by the way) but I couldn't use my builtin 50 tunnels because of the synch'ing issue.

    The WRV200 comes with 10 "free" quickvpn clients as opposed to the WRV54G's 5. I hate to say this, but cut your losses with the WRV54G and look towards the future (WRV200) because that's what Linksys is doing... :sadbye:

  3. djdconsulting

    djdconsulting LI Guru Member


    Thanks for your answer! I heard the User license thing was quirky! I think I will be returning the WRV54G device today and picking up the WRV200. I can't forsee going over 10 VPN clients at one time and from your prior advice in regards for a Mac connecting, the WRV200 has GRE.

    Man...glad I joined this forum board. If I didn't I would be clueless and have hair loss by now! :rockon:
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