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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by patdufo, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. patdufo

    patdufo LI Guru Member

    I just bought a 54g ver2 with dd-wrt installed I couldnt change anything in it because the router password kept getting changed automatically to a 13 digit password if I changed it ,it kept changeing back if I went to admin there it would be automatically, I would use that passworsd if I knew what it was. reflashed twice to factory firmware to the sanme problem. Also I cant access router through ethernet it says conected 100mbps but wont go to configuration page.I am useing xp media went to network conections properties and set to automatic ip,ran ipconfig wich gave me a ethernt ip adress of I am new to routers before only had a pci card which seems to be mostly automatic. any ideas would be greately apreciated.
  2. kg4mrv

    kg4mrv Network Guru Member

    First off your pw is not changing. I assume you see 13 "*'s". This is a security mesure so that you dont know the actual length of the password.

    169.254... is what windows assigns when its configured to DHCP and is not assigned. Make sure the cable you're using is good (check the link light on the router). Then make sure both the computer and router is configured to dhcp.
  3. windsurfer

    windsurfer Network Guru Member

    Sometimes these things just do not want to do a good DHCP. The next step is to fix your IP address to This puts you in the same range as the router. It should show up at after a 30 second reset.

    Once you connect to the router, you can turn the DHCP server back on and it will usually work correctly.

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