54GS Outdoors heat, fan, voltages

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by WirelessOverSand, Jun 9, 2006.

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    I've had a 54GS mounted in a box outdoors for quite a while, but it was in a location where it was shaded for the hottest parts of the day.

    Wanting to move the box to a better position for coverage, I decided to worry about the heat - where I live, the shade temperatures can go over 45C (113 degrees F) :sadbye:

    Here's how I went about it (with thanks to lots of inspiration from previous posts!)

    Fan - I bought a small 12v fan, rated at 1.9 watts and decided that I'd fit it outside the router. My thoughts were that, mounted inside, it would be so close to the components as to give a really difficult and turbulent air-flow. To improve the flow from the fan, I drilled-out some of the holes in the top cover where the fan was to be mounted, and added some extra holes in the sides (I wasn't too happy about the air having to find its way to the other side of the PCB in order to escape!

    The fan was fixed on with a few spots of Hot-melt glue (I didn't have any nuts & bolts handy!)

    And the whole router put back into its outer "weatherproof" plastic box. Note that the plastic box is cut away at the bottom to allow access for the cables, and to allow air in. The "knock-outs" at the top of the sides are also partially opened to allow the air out again. I didn't open the top "knock-outs", as it does sometimes rain here! The router mounted "antennas-down" sticking out of the box, to avoid any possibility of signal attenuation by the plastic box at 2.5GHz.

    Power Supply observations - I had previously bought some fairly heavy wire for the extended 12 volt supply, as I didn't want the voltage drop at 12 volts on a 1-Amp power "brick". That was before I read a post about the actual current taken by the router!

    While I had the thing on the bench, I decided to check this out. I was surprised to find that the voltage at the router was only 8.5 volts with the router and the fan, so I disconnected the fan but the voltage was still only 8.5v :shock:

    With the router disconnected as well (no load, therefor no voltage drop) I found that the "brick" was only putting out 10 volts. Having read that the routers will happily work down to around 6 volts I decided not to worry about this. The router was taking (peak) 120 mA and the fan was taking about the same. Total load well within the rating of the "brick", which barely gets warm.

    Altogether a successful morning and my 54GS should be quite comfy through the hot summer days. One more thing I plan to do is to put a flat sun-shade over the top of the box, to stop it getting direct sunlight around noon and heating the outer box.
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