800 kb/s with router & modem - 16000 kb/s with modem

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by ganymed, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. ganymed

    ganymed LI Guru Member


    when i'm downloading with my Linksys router @Thibor15c & my modem (ADSL2+) i have only speed of ~800 kb/s. When i download through a direct connection to the internet with my modem i get a speed of 16000 kb/s. Does thibor 15c limit the speed? Can't it handle the speed?

    No-one except me is using the router.
  2. itsmeohmy

    itsmeohmy Network Guru Member

    Is this speed wired or wireless and also how many filters do you have setup (i.e. ActiveX, Cookies, etc...)
  3. ganymed

    ganymed LI Guru Member

    wired and without filters.
  4. Aopen

    Aopen Network Guru Member

    how the hell did you get 16000kb/sek on a link that maxes out on 24000 kbits/sek ??? Guess you wrote wrong...
  5. ganymed

    ganymed LI Guru Member

    I'm sorry, i don't understand you. As you can probably see, english is not my native language. But 16 000 kb/s is correct. This is the usual speed of ADSL2+ in Germany and i HAVE this speed using only my modem.
  6. iamqwerty

    iamqwerty Network Guru Member

    16000kb/s = 128000kbit/s > 100mbit.

    I think you've got a 16mbit connection. Expected optimal speeds should be below 2000 kbyte/s, but very few servers will grant you that speed.

    Have you tried to reset to factory default, cleared nvram?
  7. ganymed

    ganymed LI Guru Member

    I get full speed (16 000 kb/s) using my modem, but only 600-800 kb/s using the router + the modem.

    Cleared already NVRAM und reset the router - didn't help.
    I think this is a firmware problem.
  8. meq123

    meq123 Network Guru Member

    To those who wrote thinking that ganymed was confused in writing 16000 kb/s, I think YOU are confused.

    He (she?) was correct in writing 16000kb/s (kilo-bits per sec) -- i.e. 16Mbps. He did NOT say 16000kB/s (kilo-bytes per sec). Note the lowercase "b".

    So in response to the original question... ganymed, the router might limit your download speed, but not (normally) by that much. You did not give your firmware version or your router config and it may be that you have some QoS settings messed up (?), though the defaults should be fine. It could also be that the router just has a hardware problem... my Linksys WRT54G/Thibor15c routinely allows 3000-3500kbps downstream on my (much slower than yours) cable link.
  9. @ganymed

    Are you sure you don't mix up kilobits with kilobytes ?
    look up the difference plz if u aren't sure!

    Where did u get 16 000 kbit/s downstream ?

    If you get 800 kB/s (bytes), thats about 6 000 kBit/s and thats usually fine, even if u got ADSL2+. There are still not many servers, who can handle this speeds.

    16 000 kbit is usually the rated speed, i got that too, but my line just syncs at 12 000 kbit. Thats "just" about 1.5 MB/s, but as i already mentioned, u don't reach that speeds often.

    kB <> kb -> you think a noob could tell the difference !

    If he'd knew that, he wouldn't post his problems but fix it right on the spot
  10. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    you say you blame thibors firmware have you confirmed it is HIS firmware alont than is maxing out?

    have you tried other firmwares yet to prove your point?

    all you have done so far is remove the router, and blamed the his firmware. may linksys is to blame, maybe hardware f WAN if to blame. but you need to at least prove his firmware is to blame by testing with other firmware as well.
  11. ganymed

    ganymed LI Guru Member

    Yes, i did. Then i switched back to Thibor and it's now working without any speed restrictions.
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