A couple of questions about Wrt54g Cooling

Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by m4fia, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. m4fia

    m4fia Network Guru Member

    1. There are 3 wires coming out from the fan. Does it matter where i Solder them?
    (As long as it is to one of the three connections shown) [​IMG]

    2. The fan requires:
    Voltage 12v
    Current 0.13A
    Power 1.56W
    Will it be ok to connect it to my Wrt54G?
  2. m4fia

    m4fia Network Guru Member

    Anyone???????????? :(

    Anyone???????????? :(
  3. rashani

    rashani Network Guru Member

    Solder to the two solder points on the left hand side of the picture.

    The cable should have two wires attached to each other and then into a plug. Cut the plug off and solder one on one point, and one on the other.

    Next time, google it. 8)
  4. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    take the fan wires and touch them to the points on the pcb board, to test which is negivte and positive. then solder them in place.
  5. rashani

    rashani Network Guru Member

    Funny, didn't matter which wire I used on each point... 8O

    EDIT: spelling. :x
  6. m4fia

    m4fia Network Guru Member

    The Fan takes 0.13 A. Will my router be okay with this current consumption or would I have to change the output power settings?
  7. rashani

    rashani Network Guru Member

    Solder it on, log into the router and test it out. I put my router under extreme load via emule and bittorrent to make sure (no power markings on my fan).
  8. GregUK

    GregUK Network Guru Member

    The router should be ok, if anything is going to suffer it's more likely to be the power adapter.

    Keep an eye on the adapter for a while, to make sure it's not heating up excessively.
  9. Cenreyn79

    Cenreyn79 Network Guru Member

    For all the standard fan/sink cooling mods, the board clearance from the bottom of the routeris relatively small. Enough so that the majority of the air pulled in by the sinks is coming through the top and little is being sucked from the bottom. Is there any way to remove the underside of the router or increase the clearance or close off the top side of the router thats up against the fan shroud? Course, in doing so the hole on the front and back of the rotuer would have to be redrilled as well.

    Any help would me most appreciated.
  10. SteelersFANinMA

    SteelersFANinMA Network Guru Member

    If you have heatsinks on the chips and installed a fan, I don't think you'll need to worry much about heat. My WRT + mods. practically ran cooler when it was on than when it was off. I'd just suggest to set up the fan so it blows air out of the router and not in.

    I'm not sure if anyone mentioned, but the 3rd wire coming from the fan is usually for a temp. reader. You won't need it for the WRT unless you also install something that can measure temps.
  11. GNandGS

    GNandGS Network Guru Member

    The fan Im using will hold paper on the bottom side of the case. It DOES pull air from "all over" though. Its just that it isnt a big deal...

    The airflow doesnt need ducted and its even arguable that a fan is needed in the first place with heatsinks. I think it helped me to have a fan - but I dont have heatsinks.

    In my case, the air is pulled from the top INTO the case as well as from the bottom into the case. The air is then pushed out the center of the case (on top).

    Finally, since heat rises and the sources of heat are not on the bottom of the case, I think its a non-issue for airflow on the bottom.

    Clear? Might not be. <grin> Its all just opinion anyway. I use a switch to disable the fan unless I think the load is high or when I experiment.
  12. Cenreyn79

    Cenreyn79 Network Guru Member

    From experimenting with the air flow, the internal temperature of the sinks on the main chips is lower when the air is forced then redirected out of holes made in the front part of the router rather than when the air is sucked out. Sucking the air out drops the internal pressure and allows the heat to dissipate better but at the sacrifice of the ability of the fan. Also, if the internal pressure becomes too much, the forced air is pushed out beside the fan blades inside the fan.

    Rig : WRT54G + 2 Sinks + TT Venus 7 (70x70x15, 32.69 cfm, 6.8 mm H2O)
  13. Cenreyn79

    Cenreyn79 Network Guru Member

    Also what ive discovered to be the best and easiest way to port your router is to pull off the from vinyl that covers the holes in the front grill. For those whose fans suck air in, this allows for more suckage (?) and for those who force air, it creates an exit point.

    Air flow is up significantly and it gives the router a cleaner look.
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