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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Alto-, Aug 10, 2006.

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    Ok, I am running thibor 15c on a WRT54g v1. I'm not sure if it's supported, which may be why I'm having trouble, but anyway. I've reflashed 3 times or so, clearing the nv-ram before and after, but the same problems come up.

    1) Access restrictions, any firewall rules, filters etc do not work untill the router is rebooted, e.g, if I filter p2p, the change is never reflected untill a reboot.

    2) If I have QoS on, after a reboot all internet access is blocked for everyone untill it's turned off, though strangely dns seems to work.

    3) After a reboot it takes ~1.5 mins for wireless access to return.

    4) Sometimes the modem just isn't found, it is not on the device list page and will not return untill I remove ithe router's power cable(normal reboots don't work)

    5) Not strictly to do with thibor, but recently I've had a lot of disconnects and lag, tried changing channel but this made no difference. Are these pings normal?

    Reply from bytes=1472 time=71ms TTL=64
    Reply from bytes=1472 time=8ms TTL=64
    Reply from bytes=1472 time=11ms TTL=64
    Reply from bytes=1472 time=6ms TTL=64
    Reply from bytes=1472 time=57ms TTL=64
    Reply from bytes=1472 time=100ms TTL=64
    Reply from bytes=1472 time=3ms TTL=64
    Reply from bytes=1472 time=157ms TTL=64

    My apologies if this is all because it's a v1, but any help would apprechiated :)

    Edit: forgot to mention, it's load average seems really high, normally between 1.5-2.7
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