A (finally) happy WAG54G user (aka. to hell and back again)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by cagdas, Jan 5, 2005.


I bought WAG54G because

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  1. cagdas

    cagdas Guest

    Greetings from Turkey (the country - not the edible one) (GMT +2)

    Here is a little story of a network admin. You can read the story or jump to the summary (at the end) for a cure of your pain in the arse WAG54G wireless connection drops. Also i have some questions, if you bother to read, at the very end.

    Jan 3 - Morning : Got a brand new WAG54G, 2 USR 802.11g PCI cards and a Linksys 802.11g PCI card. Plugged the DSL link cable into the WAG and wired a PC to it using that lovely yellow UTP cable that came out of WAG's box. After setting up the DSL connection, the little leds blinked for a sec. and there it was : the information highway :!: .
    Quickly, I installed the USR and the Linksys PCI adapters to two other PCs. I was delighted to see that 'Speed:54 Mbps'. By the way, all three PCs have WinXP SP2, Norton IS & AV, Windows firewall and other bull* are all bound and gagged. I left everything running and left for lunch.

    Jan 3 - Afternoon : I placed WAG in the first floor (before everything was in the same room), and put the other two PCs to the 3rd floor (approx. 9m distance). After turning on the PCs, they *lost* wireless net after half an hour. (anyway, I knew that smt. was wrong when everything worked in the first shot). Luckily (if you call this luck) the wired PC near WAG hadn't any trouble with LAN nor DSL. By instinct, i shut down WAG, waited a few mins, turned on. Everything was fine again-for another hour-. Did I mentioned the occasional 'Speed fluctuation' between 2.2 and 54 Mbps ?

    Jan 3 - Night : Noticed that the USR has an 4xMode option in the device properties and also Linksys (PCI) has a weird thing called Xpress technology. Disabled them both. I took a glance in the Norton IS logs and saw that the Intrusion Detection has BLOCKED (yes, the WAG) since it seems to use a blablabla attack. I added that to exclude list. Finally, I disabled the so-called firewall on the WAG (never trust hardwired software). Turned everything on just to see if i made a grave mistake or not in configurations, but no, it worked. Left the office.

    Jan 4 - Morning : Had some cookies and a cup of tea, and head to the office. After incapaciating the colleques waiting for their internet (to play soliter on-line and chat :evil: ), i turned everything on and begin to wait. Wireless net collapsed at the end of the third hour and after resetting WAG it collapsed after 2.5 hours. Well this was an improvement, but still quite annoying. I decided to sit near WAG to reset it when necessary and don't play with configs anymore today.

    Jan 4 - Afternoon : My supervisor asked this : 'Why is my MSN messenger is disconnecting occasionaly ?'. I, with all my desire for a faster connection to feed my e-mule, replied : 'Before there was only a single computer connected to internet, now there are 4 of them. I think we have to upgrade our connection speed.'. Well, he didn't said anything but has the 'I hate you, but i'll do as u say :twisted: '.

    Jan - 5: Came in the morning and saw that W/LAN was down again. Have the secretary reset the WAG while having a coffee. To my surprise, internet connection was also gone. I stared at that little red LED for a few minutes, but no good. Finally (after some calls to ISP, checking cables, cursing and so), it turned out that the secretary pushed the reset button instead of turning off/on the WAG.

    So, here comes the end of my story, the light, the secretary who became the saviour of my little wireless network.

    I reconfigured the DSL settings(10:00). Et voila, everything is up and awake till this time (21:30). By the way, An hour ago I changed the Frag. & RTS Threshold to 2304 and beacon interval to 50 following the myth. So far it didn't have any bad nor good effects. But, now i'm getting a steady 4/5 signal strength and 54 Mbps from both computers. Before (applying the myth) it was hovering around 45 Mbps. Tomorrow i'll try WEP and also MAC filtering. God give me strength :!: Also, i didn't upgraded the firmware, after reading the comments in the forums.

    OS : WinXP SP2, Native firewall OFF, Norton Internet Security 2004

    WAG54G firmware : 1.01.6 (that came out of box)

    On clients: Turned off XPress Tech. (for Linksys PCI) and 4x Mode (for UsRobotics PCI).

    On Wag : Restore to factory defaults (by pressing reset button for 30 secs), configure DSL. In advanced wireless settings, apply the myth (see above). Disable firewall (Block anon. req. still enabled though). DHCP is enabled in my case, and i didn't have any troubles with it.

    For norton (or anyother firewall) : Add (if you use the defaults) to exclude list, or add the whole network to exclude (or safe or whatever) list.

    My DSL conection:RFC 2516 PPP0E LLC. also noticed that the default VPI and VCI settings were not correct for me (0 and 35), I changed VPI to 8 and all is fine.

    It is now 12 hours straight, no W-LAN crash, no DSL link down. I am finally happy.

    Disclaimer: I'm not a network expert nor I know anything more than you do. So please don't post replies like 'ofcourse you should set VPI to 8 foo'.

    1) Is there a way to increase the range without using additional hardware ?

    2) Should I use WEP if I strictly define which MAC adresses can link to my network ?

    3) Is there any advantage of enabling WAG54G's firewall, while I still have fsoftware firewalls on client computers ?


    Happy new year :D

    Edited 23:52: Everything still fine, realised that emule has lowid.
    I assigned a static IP to the PC running emule (out of WAGs DHCP pool), enabled single port forwarding for TCP(4661) and UDP(4671). No problems, its working.
  2. baillie

    baillie Network Guru Member

    Not sure, but I certainly would be interested to hear from anybody who knows.

    I use MAC filtering only, and assuming you can't fake a MAC address you should be alright leaving the WEP off, leaving WEP off should also help with wireless speed/range.

    I personnally have mine on, and haven't seen any forms of attempted access, while using it, but make sure even if you do decide to turn the firewall on that you keep a software firewall on eaach computer.

    Hope thats some help.
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