a new firmware to fix p2p problem for wrt54gv4?

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by svnelvn, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. svnelvn

    svnelvn Guest


    I want to know if linksys is going to release an official firmware to fix the heavy p2p lock-up problem? i'm kind of afraid upgrading to hyperwrt for it isn't an official script and it voids the waranty. i just bought my router a month ago and i don't want to screw it up already (i'm a computer newbie) :cry:
    but my router slows down everytime i use p2p programs and i need to power-off power-on my router to return to the originall speed..
  2. iq100

    iq100 LI Guru Member

    I cured my IE6 surfing slow down problem by swithching from BitComet 0.66 0.67 and BitLord to utorrent with Linksys WRT54G v4 and official Linksys v4.20.6.

    Although I have not needed to, Thibor says you can go back from 15c to Linksys official firware from the 15c admin pages.

    What P2P are you using when you encounter the slow down issue?
  3. CoBrA2168

    CoBrA2168 Network Guru Member

    Hi. Im having similar problems.

    I just got my WRT54GS v1 replaced by linksys since something was wrong with its power. They sent me a v4. Now, i can't connect AT ALL to limewire, and while its connecting my internet is really ssslllloooowwww. After i hit disconnect and quit, the internet returns to normal speed. I just want to know why i can't connect to limewire on this router but could on my old one. Im going to try a custom FW right now to see if this helps.

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