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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by dave77, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. dave77

    dave77 Network Guru Member

    Hello all,

    I have this plan. I want to install ether-wake onto my wrt54g,
    and also some sort of scriptable telnet client.

    Then i will be able to wake up my main windows computer and
    run nearly any program on it, then shut it back down if necesary.

    So i guess does anyone have etherwake precompiled for the wrt54g ?

    and a telnet client that can either run a script, or similar ?
  2. dave77

    dave77 Network Guru Member

    i might should add that i am running linksys firmware 3
    and batbox .6

    While i way playing earlier with my mobilepro, i telneted into
    windows XP, and could do just about anything, such as play
    mp3s start and stop programs and services, and even shutdown
    the system. I read its also possible to create a dialup from the
    command prompt, but im working on it. So i got to thinking that
    since i only have dialup, and it has to run through my man computer,
    if i could get my router to telnet to my computer, then it could
    control my connection still yet. I could make a webpage interface
    for it. Even better since my board supports wake-on-lan, my
    router could even turn on my computer to dial if it had to ! ! !
    And thus i could turn on, fully operate, turn off, and dial from
    any LAN device with a wireless or without !!!

    I found a couple wrt distributions that contain ether-wake, but
    they are compiled in to busybox and i dont want to update
    the firmware either.

    So i just need ether-wake and a ? telnet client ? to be able
    to do this ? I dont have a real linux distribution installed,
    only have an older knoppix. I may try to compile my own with
    that if i have to ... but since its cross compiling im not sure its
    possible with knoppix.

    Help requested ! ;-)
  3. dave77

    dave77 Network Guru Member

    Its me again. I have succeeded in doing all that i set out to do.

    I updated my firmware to freeman basic 1.04. I tried several
    other firmwares but all had one bug or lacking feature i need.
    Though i may try dd-wrt again when the next stable comes along.

    Freeman supports a mounted flash memory directory, /usr/local
    which has ~800K writable room. I made a startup script there
    that gets executed from rc_startup nvram variable.

    That scripts kill the built in httpd and starts mini_httpd,a server
    i downloaded elsewhere. Then i created cgi scripts to do things.
    The default httpd is still running on the secure http port for admin.

    the cgi scripts direct their commands into netcat which sends them
    to a netcat listening port start at startup on my XP machine.
    Netcat on XP listens on a special port and only from a specific IP,
    behind the firewall (not from the internet). It simply starts CMD and
    pipes the input from the port into CMD, thus i only have to 'echo'
    commands into that IP and port from my router.

    the scripts i have so far are

    WOL, sends the wake-on-lan magic packet to start my main
    computer , even when it is turned off !
    PS & DMESG to get the server status
    all for the dialup commands using the XP command 'rasdial'
    also a command to play the windows 'ding.wav' on my main
    computer (for an alert)

    I will probably put more on later,

    I even made some personal webpages on the router, that
    it serves on port 80 with no authorization again via mini_httpd
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