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    All the talk for the last few months has been about when is Alchemy v6.0 final ready. well I cannot for sure answer that, however i can assure you it is being worked on and the last few bugs are being squashed as we speak. but this doesn't mean the end of sveasoft... not at all. the other day, the notorious - James Ewing, sent me an initial Talisman (Basic) v1.0a (the a was for Alpha) I wasn't expecting much, but by the looks of it, the sveasoft team have been very busy sorting out the new firmware project to take over from Alchemy.

    Weighing in at 2.65mb you would think it is lacking features, however it is not. As far as I can see there are the same features as alchemy yet it is in compressed format.

    Sveasoft has already made a statement of Talisman on his website.

    The upcoming Talisman firmware will deliver unmatched functionality for wireless routers. Talisman will support routers from Linksys, Belkin, Buffalotech, and several more manufacturers and will come in a variety of firmware "flavours" each with a feature set for specific needs.

    Talisman uses state-of-the-art compression to deliver the well-known Alchemy firmware features in 2/3 of the space. Talisman also sports a non-volatile read-write area in flash memory where programs, logs, configuration, or other data can be stored.
    The following Talisman firmware flavours will be available: Talisman - Basic This firmware delivers the core Alchemy feature set together with a 1-5 MB read-write area of flash memory (dependent on the model's flash memory size). The goal is to enable customization via external programs downloaded to the read-write area. A remote file system tool using the highly secure SSH protocol will allow remote mounting of file systems to make the transfer and testing process a snap. Talisman - Micro

    The Micro build is for devices with 2 MB of flash memory. This enables a subset of the core Talisman features on router models such as the WAP54G. The Micro build does not include external protocol packages such as PPPoE, PPTP, or DHCP.

    Talisman - VPN

    The VPN build includes a PPTP and IPSec server in addition to the core feature sets. This version is designed for high-security installations where the router itself is a highly secure endpoint and gateway to the internal network.
    Talisman - Hotspot

    The Hotspot build includes the core feature set plus an on-board hotspot package and billing module, including an on-board RADIUS server and SQL server for user authorization and data storage. The hotspot package can also be used with external RADIUS servers where needed.

    Talisman - Mesh
    The mesh build includes a special mesh routing package that will auto-configure based on link strength and distance to Internet feeds. Based on the highly secure WPA security protocols, the mesh build will enable instant and secure WISP or neighborhood networks with little or no configuration. The mesh QoS features will allow management or blocking of all common protocols including P2P, VoIP, and IM.

    Talisman - VoIP

    The VoIP build includes a full SIP server including VoIP QoS, SIP NAT, and support for attached ATA or Wifi SIP devices. SIP calls are handled directly on the router itself or can be proxied to external SIP servers and providers.

    Talisman - OEM
    Contact oem@sveasoft.com for information on Talisman OEM builds with custom feature sets and your company logo and look-and-feel.
    The firmware itself...

    I uploaded the firmware using the linksys tftp.exe as the size is below 3Mba and this is a faster way of updating the firmware. I then proceeded by resetting the router. This is a recommended method from Linksys them selves and you should do this evrytime you upgrade the firmware to make sure all settings have been reset and set for factory defaults.

    I then entered the WRT54G setup. I will leave you to take a look over the pages I have snapped for you. some of these pages are not yet finished, this is because this version I have is an Alpha version which will contain bugs which you can see with the naked eye. overall I am very impressed with this new project and I tip my hat to the development guys @ sveasoft. you have yet again shown who is in control of making the leading WRT54G firmware glow with features yet again.

    The next few pages are screenshots of the talisman firmware. some pages were incomplete but this will give you an insight into the firmware itself. I must say again this is a Alpha version of Talisman and design and formatting may changed again when it it ready to be available to the subscribers to test it in whilst in Beta release.


    This is a small insight to what Talisman will be like. It may vary in design and features but it will be similar to what you have seen here. please keep a lookout for more info soon on Talisman and Alchemy @ linksysinfo.org.

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