A question about bridged networks.

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Strag0, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Strag0

    Strag0 Network Guru Member


    Currently, I've got a bridged network set up here between two 54WRTGs. My landlords has stock firmware, and mine is running DD-WRT. My landlord's router is the one that I get the internet from.

    So my question is this, I'm wanting to connect wirelessly to my router and not hers. However, everytime I connect wirelessly to a router my computer ends up connecting to the one upstairs. I followed a tutorial ages ago, that told me that I had to use the same SSID for both routers. Which is why I think it's not possible for me to connect to the one down here. Is there a way to bridge the two, so that my router has it's own SSID? The sub-domains are different on the networks upstairs it's X.X.2.X and downstairs it's X.X.1.X. I'm not sure if thats needed information but I'll supply it anyways.

    My reasoning for wanting to connect to the one down here is so that I can access my file and printer server on my laptop.

  2. bo33b

    bo33b LI Guru Member

    what OS are you running? do you get an IP through DHCP? what's your default gateway?
  3. Strag0

    Strag0 Network Guru Member

    On the desktop I'm using Windows XP and on the laptop I'm using Os X. Yes I get my IP from DHCP. Default gateway? I believe it's
  4. bo33b

    bo33b LI Guru Member

    you mean "from" your laptop, right? the server is on the desktop running XP, right?

    try setting up a static IP on your laptop, using as the "router" and an IP from the same subnet (ie, and subnet mask and no DNS servers. [system prefs -> Network -> Show = AirPort. TCP/IP -> Configure IPv4 = Manually]

    if that works, the problem is that your mac is getting an ip from you landlords router directly, and because the subnets are different your router won't be accessible. one solution would be to keep the static ip you just set, another would be to put your router on the same subnet, a third would be to change the default gateway (not sure exactly how to do this on OS X, try google), a fourth might be to enable the dhcp server on your own router.

    if it doesn't work or if it works but the internet is no longer accessible, i'd need more info on exactly how you set up the bridge in dd-wrt.

    good luck

    btw, to answer your question about using a different SSID: the simple answer is no, the SSID's must be the same. The long answer is it depends on your wireless security and the capabilities of both routers in the bridge. since one end of the bridge is apparently a stock WRT54G, it's not possible unless you added a dedicated bridge to your network ('bout $60 for a cheap one)
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