A very quick question about the RJ-11 cable

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SagWriter62, Jul 28, 2006.

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    :redface: I'm almost embarrassed. I'm sure the answer is simple, obvious and all the rest. . .sorry.

    However, I'm trying to reconnect my VOIP (Vonage), and I can't get a dial tone. Now, the problem is that SOMETHING is not connected. I haven't connected anything into the 'Internet' plug in the device (RTP300). WHY haven't I connected anything? 1. I don't have a blue RJ-11 cable, and I need to know if I HAVE to have JUST that particular cable to make my phone work, and 2. I DO have a grey one and a yellow one, but neither of them seem to work to do the job. . .is it because the BLUE one is the only one that will work? (I feel so :knock:

    If so, how can I buy one? I can't find it online, and Best Buy is already closed. I just want to know if I need to buy the Blue phone cable. Or if not, what do I need?

    I went to the Vonage web site. Looked at the diagram, and I am not quite confused. . .I just need to know if there's something sacred about the Blue cable. . .or whether my phone might just be broken. :doh:

    THANK YOU for your help. :thumbup:
  2. jgutz20

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    you just plugged your vonage router into the power source and then to the phone? the router needs a internet connection (your cable modem) or your never going to get a dial-tone. the RJ-11 is for the phoes, and the internet port is called a RJ-45 and you can get that at any retailer but the router kit did come with one.

    you might want to get some assistance on this one
  3. Toxic

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