a WRT54GS, a USB only alcatel modem: Config Challenge!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by terminus, May 22, 2005.

  1. terminus

    terminus Network Guru Member

    Great forums everyone, one thing i didn't account for when i bought this router of mine; i never knew i'm getting myself into a cult ;) , which gave me a great boost to experiment with things and fix my so-so config.

    Here's my current setup :
    - an Alcatel Speedtouch330 USB modem connected to ISP wall socket from one end, and to an old - but sturdy- Dell PIII Optiplex GX110 .
    - The Dell naturally has a NIC, and runs Windows internet connection sharing. It is connect to the linksys using one of the 4 ports on the router (not internet/uplink port)
    - The router is configured to run in Router mode. I have not configured any route though but it seem to have auto-configured itself.

    That's it ! This is the only way i could get internet (wired/wireless accross the house).

    I basically connect my other other PC and XBOX via the remaining 2 ports, and laptop and PDA2k wirelessly.

    Now, my setup was done in less than 30 minutes as i was in a hurry to be up and running, but i'm not comfortable and i don't think i'm getting the optimum performance. My internet connection on the conneceted devices looses a few beats few times during the day. I also noticed that the gateway PC (the Dell) is enjoying a faster internet connection.

    KNowing the followign facts keeps me worried;

    1. The gateway Dell PC is a slow one, it runs zonealaram, windows ICS (which involves some routing i assume) on top of windows XP SP2.
    2. The router is configured to act as a router also, which might be conflicting with what ICS on the gateway PC is doing.
    3. Am i better off getting another modem with and Ethernet port and connect it to the internet port on the router ? (and skip the gateway PC component) ? If so, then what do you recommend ?
    4. Is the router's built in firewall good enough and should i use it instead of zonealarm? i use zonealarm to avoid setting up rules myself , ZA takes care of that automatically -and nicely, i must say-.
    5. My Router's 'Routing' config is pretty much the default, as i don't know much about routing. But given the setup above, how should my router configuration be tweaked to achieve optimum results.

    I know this is too much, but i've been having these doubts for a couple of months now, and hopefully this will tickle some of genious minds to suggest a better performing solution.

  2. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    1) correct
    2) shouldn't be if you have the internet PC plugged in via the WAN or internet port
    3) i'd say yes the router will be more reliable than that windows pc in any case, I havn't been with DSL in a long time but here everyone uses speedstream modems...
    4) the routers firewall is fine but you may want to run zonealarm to stop programs that you don't want to connect out from your PC because the routers f/w won't help that.
    5) if your running a simple network you shouldn't have to play with any routing settings thats really for advanced network situations only, pretty much if you don't know what it does you don't need to use it.
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