about ready to throw my WRT54GX2 out the window.. plz help

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by datamunk, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. datamunk

    datamunk Guest

    ok guys... from the get go i knew this router was going to be a pain in my rear. my father went out and bought it since the hurricanes blew our last one (regular wirelessg router..). so he brings it home and i hook it up and im sitting next to it with my laptop tryin to set it up, and its not workin... call linksys, tell me its a dead modem...


    anyways... we get a new one, same problem... i try using a desktop, works fine. eventually my laptop connected, with limited connectivity. i can get on AIM, but no email or web. i cant even ping a domain, havent tried pingin an IP. if my lappy DOES connect it is very poor, even tho the router is in the next room. it has been working nicely for the past month or so, but lately we had some heavy rain and the power dropped and the router is acting moody again, but has had no changes. all other computers on the network work fine, just not my laptop. i have tried updating drivers etc etc and nothing... i do do some intense downloading and read that the MIMO limits bandwith, so that may be something... im about to update firmware from this site

    anyone have or have heard about this problem? or know how to fix it? please help me i really am stumped on this. :(
  2. ruivinho

    ruivinho Network Guru Member

    You should get a better wireless if you go into wireless then go too wireless advance there you see Network Density : Low, put this one to high and it should be better.
  3. PrimalScream

    PrimalScream Network Guru Member

    You start off implying that the router has serious problems but wrap it all up with all other machines connect fine, just not your laptop.

    Sounds like you should concentrate your troubleshooting efforts on you laptop.
  4. compuworm

    compuworm Network Guru Member

    What firmware are u running on your router? Maybe an upgrade to hyperwrt is in order. At least then u can increase your transmit power. But, yes I agree with the last post you need to focus on your lap top.
  5. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    There is no HyperRT upgrade firmware upgrade for the WRT54GX2, but there is a new version of the firmware for the WRT54GX2 at the Linksys support site. MIMO does not limit bandwidth. Maybe something is interfering with the signal like a 2,4Mhz telephone or something is blocking the signal. Metal object cause reflections and can block the signal also. Water also attenuates the signal. Do you have a mixed environment with 892.11B devices? What wireless NIC do you have? Intel Proset 2900BG adapters have been known to problematic with Linksys routers. They have been fixed with generic driver updates from the Intel web site. What type of encryption are you using? Are you broadcasting your SSID?
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