about the ethernet port status and device list

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by rs232, Mar 18, 2013.

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    Since tomato is using roboconf to identify port status/speed, how about integrate the physical port arp cache with the device list page?

    At the moment device lists show ethx/vlanx/br0. With roboconf we can brake down that br0 in physical port such as LAN1/2/3/4. So a good example would be

    root@tomato:/tmp/home/root# robocfg showmacs
    VLAN  MAC                Type    Port
    0005  20:cf:30:c6:4f:29  STATIC  8
    0011  20:cf:30:c6:4f:29  STATIC  8
    0001  00:0c:29:d7:03:77  DYNAMIC  2
    0014  20:cf:30:c6:4f:29  STATIC  8
    0010  20:cf:30:c6:4f:29  STATIC  8
    0004  20:cf:30:c6:4f:29  STATIC  8
    0001  00:0c:29:62:23:9c  DYNAMIC  2
    0001  00:0c:29:d3:6a:ce  DYNAMIC  2
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