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    LinksysInfo.org is a community based website purely to help Linksys users with possible problems that they may, or have, encountered. Using the forums, users can post and answer problems. Some users may have experienced similar issues and therefore can assist to help other users if possible. The Administrators and Moderators will also try and help out if they can.

    LinksysInfo over the past few years has a gained some very good contacts within the Linksys/Cisco domain. We liaise with these Linksys contacts to gain extra information and new beta firmware that may help with users’ problems.

    If you have problem with the LinksysInfo site as to regards to a broken link or registration problems, then please contact the Site Administrators - Toxic or jdepew via Private Messaging, or the Contact Us form, we will not give Technical Support for Linksys products via these methods. Use the Forums for help

    We aim to be the leading support site for Linksys information outside of the Linksys.com domain. This service we give is entirely free, and paid for, out of our own money. We do advertise Linksys products via our Amazon affiliates program

    Thanks, jdepew and Toxic.

    The Website and its Administrators, Toxic and jdepew, are not affiliated with Linksys or Cisco.

    LinksysInfo and its staff are not on the Linksys/Cisco payroll.

    NO Advertising within the forums is allowed without strict permission of the administrators of this site. You will be banned for Spam Advertisements.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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