Access denial still impossible between 00:00 and 01:00hrs

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by pf5x, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. pf5x

    pf5x Network Guru Member


    Running 2x 54Gv4's in WDS config and Thibor 14. Very stable, very satisfied => great F/W.

    I have read the recent threads on the access restrictions subject, and tried to implement what I wanted: block my son's PC (IP .2.30) from 21.15hrs in the evening until 08.00hrs in the morning. All other PC unlimited access.

    The menus only allow entering hours in AM/PM format. Not a problem on itself but you cannot choose 00.00 hrs, the drop down menu starts at 01.00. (24hr notation is of course much more unambiguous ... But I am a nitwit wrt to programming so I'd better shut up).

    Here are the rules I have put in:

    #1 allow 0800AM-0915PM by IP (.2.30)
    #2 deny 0100AM-1155PM by IP (.2.30)

    I also tried #2 as 0100AM-1255PM but then the rule fails ... Apparently because it interprets 1255PM as 0055PM. This means there is a 1 hr gap in the rule. Of course ticking the 24hrs box solves this.
    But worse of all, #2 seems to overrule #1 as opposed to what is suggested in earlier threads. So the PC never has access except between 1155PM and 0100AM (" 'Round midnight" ...).

    So, I now ended up with these rules

    #1 deny 0915PM-1155PM by IP
    #2 deny 0100AM-0800AM by IP

    This works indicated by the rules, but this opens a one hour gap which I like to avoid.

    Any suggestions to avoid this are welcomed.

    -- Enno
  2. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    12:55PM is 5 to 1 in the afternoon, try 12:00 AM
  3. pf5x

    pf5x Network Guru Member


    Tnx for the prompt reply. It solved the problem except for a 5 min gap ...

    I have now set the rules as follows:

    #1 deny 0915PM-1155PM (IP .2.30)
    #2 deny 1200AM-0800AM (IP .2.30)

    When I fill in 1200AM as end time in rule #1, the router replies "The end time must be bigger than start time". And I guess rule #2 now really means midnight (0000hrs) until 0800hrs in the morning (never understood this silly AM/PM thing). Anyway the gap is now only 5 mins.

    I am still curious why my initial proposed rules (#1 allow time slot by IP/ #2 deny 24hrs by IP) do not work ...

    -- Enno
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