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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by cecr, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. cecr

    cecr LI Guru Member

    I'll recently got this device, (a sticker say manufactured 12/2006) and updated the FW to V2.3RA5. I had trouble getting it to updated so I had to use Eraseall. I want to use the NAS with a new Netgear WPN824 wireless router on my new cable line. I can access the internet fine.

    From my home PC (inside my network) I can connect to the NAS by using its network (fixed) IP. I can use HTTP and FTP from Firefox. So I know it works.

    I want to access the NAS and the FAT32 HDD attached on port 1 from the www and this isn't working.

    I have set up portforwarding on the wpn router to the NAS IP but I cannot connect to it externally. I can access remote management on the router from my office PC.

    I can see the NAS is attached to the router in the router management page, (both internal and external to my network) and can see the drive in Windows Home network places. Everything seems OK!

    I'm new to this, and don't know what I'm doing wrong. This is what I have tried:

    Portforwarding HTTP set up to the NAS fixed IP address using port 80
    Portforwarding FTP set up to the NAS fixed IP address using port 20-21

    I have also disabled the SPI firewall
    Set up a DMZ using the NAS IP (though I understand this shouldn't be required)

    Set NAT to unsecured

    As I understand it, there should be no security protecting the NAS and I expect to see it, but I can't. Is it a syntax problem in my browser?

    I use http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8080 (using my IP from my ISP, the modem is left on and hasn't changed since I started this) that allows me to edit the router set up pages.

    http://xx.xx.xx.xx:80 to try to see the NAS gives me a time out, as does

    ftp://username:password@xx.xx.xx.xx:20 or 21

    What am I doing wrong? I understand the NAS is designed for this purpose, so I wasn't expecting this difficulty.

    I spoke to ISP who assured me that 20,21 and 80 are not blocked and gave me a list of those that are.

    Checked router again via remote management and wondering if there should be any entry settings for static routes? (currently none) or uPnP?

    As I could login and remote manage on port 8080, I changed the http portwarding to that port, and changed remote management to port yyyy. I changed the NAS to expect http on port 8080 rather than port 80.

    Now, I can remote manage on port yyyy, but still cannot see the NAS on the port 8080 previously used for remote management (and hence obviously not broken or blocked). It seems something, somewhere does not like http.

    Does anyone have any ideas? As it is I don't know if this a router issue or the NAS as both work fine in other ways.

    As I could remote manage on port 8080 I know that port is ok, but cannot see the NAS on that port, so I am starting to suspect the NAS, but don't know how to check it.

    Any help would be much appreciated as this is really driving me daft. I expected to simply configure the port forwarding and that would be it.
  2. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    I can't say why you are having problems accessing the NAS admin page through the router. That should work relatively easily. You might try having a site such as probe the port your NAS is to be accessed on to see if the port forwarding is really working and the port is seen as open to the internet.

    FTP through a router can be very difficult to set up the first time. This thread at DSLR might help you with the port translation details:,1381832;root=equip,16;mode=flat
  3. cecr

    cecr LI Guru Member

    thanks for your reply. I had already looked at that forum post - right over my head I'm afraid, and I want to HTTP from my browser so FTP doesnt seem relevant.

    as for S Gibson's site, I used his port checker 'shields up' and I dont undersatnd the results.

    If I set remote management of the router to aaaa say, and port forwarding on bbbb, then shields up says that aaaa is open, whilst bbbb is stealth (along with others such as 20, 21). If I then reverse those ports so that bbbb is for router management, and aaaa is for portwarding, then shields up says that bbbb is now open, whilst aaaa is stealth. The results are confirmed by the open port check tool at The router (or something else) continually closes ports that were previously open, even after setting them as port forward ports.

    Do I need any settings for UPnP (currently on but apparently not being used) or do I need to Enable WINS? If so what IP?
  4. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Maybe you should turn off UPnP in the router as you are not using it and some people consider it to be a potential security threat. If that doesn't help your forwarded ports stay open on Gibson's test, then maybe there is a problem with your router.

    Also is your NAS set to a static private IP? Sometimes port forwarding only works properly with static IPs.
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