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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by lautamas, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. lautamas

    lautamas Network Guru Member

    Hello people,
    We are using web-based accounting software. Internally, everybody is accessing the software by going to: It will show the bellow screen.
    Now, I want someone outside our office can access the software by going to our server.
    - Server is online on the internet 24/7
    - Our WRT54GS ver 1.1 is based on DD-WRT v23 SP1.
    - I am testing this using a remote computer using DIAL UP connection trying to connect to our web-based acounting software. I always get a PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED everytime I type ( or even ( However, I can ping our server IP address just OK from the remote computer using dial up.

    The question is to setup the PORT forwarding and stuff on WRT54GS so someone outside our office can access the web-based accounting software?

    Thank You,

  2. komUnec8

    komUnec8 Network Guru Member

    Presuming that the IP address you quote is the public Internet address of your WRT, you need to set up a Port Forwarding rule that maps port 8080 on the internet side to your inside server at Another option is to define the server as the DMZ host, but then all ports on your server will be accessible from the internet.

    I'm using HyperWRT, so sorry if the pages are labelled differently, but on my box you go to Applications & Gaming/Port Redirection. Put 8080 in the External Port field, 8080 in the internal port, as the inside address, TCP as the Protocol, give it a name like acct_http, enable it, and Save settings. Test from internet using

    Note that you don't have to use external port 8080 if you want your remote users to use a browser without having to specify a port (i.e http on standard port 80). But make sure there is no other mapping using the port you decide on, and that you aren't using external http admin on that port either.

    What you are setting up is not going to be very secure! Anyone on the internet is going to be able to get to your server and would be free to try and guess a valid username/password! You might want to consider using a VPN setup to access your network so that you have more control over who can reach the server.
  3. lautamas

    lautamas Network Guru Member

    thank you so much for the reply. I shall try this on Monday (tommorow). Can someone please help me out with a VPN tutorial from my side (server side) and for the remote side (outside people) who wants to connect to our application in the office? Thank you very much!
  4. lautamas

    lautamas Network Guru Member

    Why do I keep getting THE PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED?

    Bellow is the setup of my DD-WRT

    I went dial-up and test the connection by going to: (where 222 is the IP address at that moment).

    However, I get a page cannot be displayed. I can ping using dial up just well. When I try to open, it seems that IE is trying to open the file, but failed to do it. It finally came out with "the page cannot be displayed".
    Can someone please help me? FYI, I have a Symantec Antivirus Corporate 10 running on the server. I have disabled it. Might that be the problem?
  5. lautamas

    lautamas Network Guru Member

    I just want to give an update that I have worked this out. It seems that my DSL modem has PORT FORWARDING that I need to setup. So, not only the WRT54GS. Everything works now. thanks for people who helps me out...
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