Accessing the router via ssh

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by BlaSTiWi, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. BlaSTiWi

    BlaSTiWi Network Guru Member

    Hi all,

    I just upgraded to WRT54G w/ Satori-4.0 v2.07.1.7sv, so far all seems to work well but I'm wondering if I can get into the router via ssh from the WAN side (no problem from the LAN side) if it's possible and how to configure it.

    At the moment when I tried to at least telnet to my WAN ip port 22 I didn't get anything like a firewall should be, when I tried to port fwd into a linux box and get the ssh banner but no luck when I put the router IP as the destination for the port fwd.

    Tkx in adv.!
  2. ChrisN

    ChrisN Network Guru Member


    I am anything but an expert but got it running without to many problems :)

    1) Turn off the firewall (I think this is required)
    2) I then forwarded all ports except 22 to a null ip address i.e
    3) Forward port 22 to the router
    4) I used Public key encrytion setting up the public/private key using this web page
    5) Turn on SSHD on the Admin page
    Copy the public key into the authorised key spot on the Administration page
    6) Logon. It should all work. 8O

    As I said I am not an expert but it worked great the first time. I was very impressed :lol: :lol: 8) 8)
  3. BlaSTiWi

    BlaSTiWi Network Guru Member

    Tkx for the suggestion!

    On #2 what are the range for Start & End should I put to cover everything?
  4. ChrisN

    ChrisN Network Guru Member

    I did it as simply

    app start end protocol ip enable
    all 0 21 both tick
    ssh 22 22 both tick
    all 23 65536 both tick

    I am sure this is crude and can be done in a more elegant manner but it worksw for me. I think

    hope this helps
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