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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by neutrino, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. neutrino

    neutrino LI Guru Member

    I was reading about the mod of adding a sd card to the linksys WRT54G/S/L router and i think that it will not be difficult to add an USB port.

    With an USB port you can plug an external hard drive (for example), and use the router to manage the emule/bittorrent downloads and then save the power of having the computer all day powered on doing this tasks.

    To do that i found the following USB host controller in sparkfun
    That USB controller comes with the GPIO pins ready to connect where the GPIO pins of the sd card are connected.

    The method would be very similar: Connect the gpio pins of the usb controller to the router as it are indicated for the sd card and then modify the usb driver of the linux kernel to change the irqs/address of the usb host controller for the gpio pins address.

    Somebody is interested in doing that? I will need help to do such a thing, i am good programming but i don't have experience in electronics or modifying things in such a low level
  2. spiderx1016

    spiderx1016 Network Guru Member

    I don't think you can make it download to the harddrive like that.... but it might be worth the try
  3. neutrino

    neutrino LI Guru Member

    The USB connector from sparkfun is an RS232 - USB converter, i was mistaked.. it is not an USB host controller.

    Anybody knows where i can find an USB host controller to connect to the GPIO pins of the router?

    I fond that link where an USB is added to a Sweex LB00002 router. It is maded easy becouse the processor of that router have an usb-host controller built in that is not used.

    I have maded a high-resolution picture of the motherboard of the wrt54gl showing the chips:
    The processor of the wrt54gl is the BCM5352. I searched in google for the datasheet and for info about the processor but i found nothing.

    Anybody knows something about the BCM5352? has it an usb-host controller built in?
  4. azgael

    azgael Guest

    It just aint possible.

    You can't do that!!
    it is not possible to connect a usb host to the linksys wrt54gl end of discution.
  5. slack---line

    slack---line LI Guru Member

    Did anyone get anywhere with this?

    I've an old WRT54gv1.1 and an external USB drive that I'd like to be able to connect directly and have mounted on the router so that it appears on the network drive as NFS.

    The hardware required would firstly be a USB B to RJ45 adapter which shouldn't be too hard to track down, but I was wondering if I'd need to recompile the WRT54g's kernel to support NFS and/or busybox to include statd/netmount/etc.?

    This would be a nice and cheap method of setting up a network drive (since the 500Gb external only cost £65 GBP).


  6. kmindi

    kmindi LI Guru Member

    why shouldn't it be POSSIBLE?
    If you can add a card reader/sd card to be used over the gpio's than there should be the possibillity to use that gpio's for usb to.

    Maybe there are to few of these gpio's?

    for usb you need 2 data connections (
  7. davidtgbe

    davidtgbe Guest

    Hi neutrino! I do think that you could install the USB port with that device. People have managed to make a serial port using the GPIO's. As this device (sparkfun) is a RS232 to USB converter, you could have an USB port in your wrt54g!!.
  8. padreto

    padreto Guest

  9. oltadmin

    oltadmin Guest

    The simple answer is you can't use the gpios for usb. The reason is their flat out not designed for that and also i think since the cpu is running an OS there not quick enough. The reason you can hook up a SD card is their clocked via the SPI clock line, which means they don't have to be clocked quickly. Now what you could use is a FTDI Vinculum usb host controller, it provides a serial, parallel or SPI (the same as the SD cards use) interface to a usb host port. You'll still need to develop or find drivers but at least it would be possible.

  10. c6burns

    c6burns Addicted to LI Member

    There fixed. Nonetheless he is right, the task is somewhat arduous. Theres an IC from maxim that can do it ... but without a dedicated uC and UART u will be bit banging it ... probably best to find a different funtime game.

    If ur still into it heres the IC from maxim. The interface is SPI which is the same as the SD card. Using gpio.c example u should be able to bit bang the clock and even read the miso. SPI is 4 wire and then u can read the interrupt wire if u want as well.

    I use WRTs to bitbang the max186 into reading sensors for me :D weeee
  11. c6burns

    c6burns Addicted to LI Member

    Ooooh i did find this:

    Thats a product made using the max3421e ... since the controller is SPI it can plug into the sd cardslot. U can see by looking at the product the complexity of USB communication. Its not a simple "add this chip and solder here" solution (tho it would be if broadcom released us some specs and we could hook up the controller already inside the cpu).

    Not sure what device driver would control this if you bought it, but at least this doesnt dead-end you if you came here from google :) It IS possible .. good luck :)
  12. Rory Renton

    Rory Renton Networkin' Nut Member

  13. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    just go pick up a NAS drive! My favorites are Synology, they have AD intergration, basic web server, photo/audio stations for streaming etc. But you can also use the USB ports on these NAS drives to make your normal flash drives/hard drives work as NAS drives. its amazingly simple, you plug it in and then when you pull up the Synology's Shared volumes, the entire USB volume shows up as a simple share as if its located on the hard drive/s/ in the NAS box.
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