Adding a hotspot to an existing home network whilst retaining security

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by phil.n, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Hello all. I am interested in adding a hotspot to my existing home network. My current network consists of wireless and wired clients. I would like to add a hotspot but clients on the hotspot must only be allowed access to the internet and *NOT* have any form of access to the existing ('private') network. The image shows my nework layout.
    My hotspot requirements are as follows:
    • A captive portal to inform hotspot users of t&c's
    • Port management to open/close specific ports
    • bandwidth limiting to stop the hotspot from taking all my b/w.
    • access only to the internet and not the private network
    • dhcp

    From my research I have come across PublicIP which would involve using a spare PC as a gatway to manage the hotspot and an old AP which i have lying around to provide the wireless network. However I am interested in knowing if any of the WRT54G 3rd party firmwares can perform everything that i want. I looked at EWRT but it didn't seem to offer an overall bandwidth cap, e.g. 30Kbps, and i was unsure about whether or not it would block access to the private network.

    I would appreciate any comments that people might have and thank you in advance.



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