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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by p.busser, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. p.busser

    p.busser Addicted to LI Member


    Has anyone tried to solder additional memory in the NAS200?
  2. jac_goudsmit

    jac_goudsmit Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    No, I don't think so. We're waiting for you to try it :wink:

    Adding memory is probably possible, but not easy. First of all you will have to figure out if you will need to add more components besides the memory chip. It's almost 100% certain that you will at least need a capacitor, and very likely one or two other chips to do additional address decoding.

    And then of course you will have to modify the software so it knows it has 64MB instead of 32MB. There is no BIOS that it can depend on to tell it how much memory there is in the system, I think you will have to change Redboot to fill out the kernel startup struct differently from what it does now.

    If you are able to solder SMD components, and you're smart enough to figure all this out, there might be a few people who welcome your suggestions. But although many people might be interested in a 64MB mod, I don't think many of them will think that the benefits will outweigh the risks...

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