Adding more RAM to NAS200

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by dINIs, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. dINIs

    dINIs LI Guru Member

    According to R8610-G specification, processor supports maximum 128 MB memory space.
    16-bit data width:
    [B]One Chip Select[/B]
    [I]Memory Size            SDRAM Type
                             x 8                  x 16[/I]
    2MB                                         1Mb x 16 x 1
    4MB                   2Mb x 8 x 2
    8MB                                         4Mb x 16 x 1
    16MB                  8Mb x 8 x 2           8Mb x 16 x 1
    32MB                 16Mb x 8 x 2          16Mb x 16 x 1
    64MB                 32Mb x 8 x 2
    [B]Two Chip Selects[/B]
    [I]Memory Size            SDRAM Type
                             x 8                  x 16[/I]
    4MB                                         1Mb x 16 x 1
    8MB                   2Mb x 8 x 2
    16MB                                        4Mb x 16 x 1
    32MB                  8Mb x 8 x 2           8Mb x 16 x 1
    64MB                 16Mb x 8 x 2          16Mb x 16 x 1
    128MB                32Mb x 8 x 2
    Have anyone modified their NAS200 and added more RAM?
  2. Mercjoe

    Mercjoe Network Guru Member

    While there is a place on the circuit board for another RAM chip, I would be rather skittish to add one myself. I have the nessecary tools and training to do SMT soldering but without the board diagram I would be scared to mount it all up and see what happens.

    I have the R8610-G datasheet with full pinouts but that is only a starting point. I have been trying to get the rest of the IC's datasheets so I can build a circuit diagram. It is slow going doing this. I am in effect trying to reverse engineer the circuits.

    The wrong resistance in the right place and the smoke will escape. You are aware that electronics reply on smoke to work properly? You see, when it escapes the electronics stop working.
  3. jac_goudsmit

    jac_goudsmit Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    We had this question before in this forum, and I'll give you the same answer as I did before:

    First of all, simply adding a RAM chip is probably not enough: it's clear that they already left as much hardware off as they could get away with, so there are probably some crucial resistors, capacitors and other parts missing.

    Second of all, the mod is probably too hard to do for people who don't have SMD soldering tools (let alone those who don't have much electronics knowledge). Also, the people who DO have those tools and that knowledge, can probably figure out for themselves how to do this kind of mod.

    Third, it's probably not going to be very beneficial to add 32 more megabytes of RAM. There's hardly anything running, and this is a NAS so there is swap space. The latest WRT54G routers have no harddisks for swapping and can still run a decent Linux on just 2MB RAM (granted, that's based on a MIPS or ARM instead of 386).

    I know I have the knowledge to reverse-engineer the motherboard, and I was forced to use that knowledge to get JTAG going when I bricked my box by typing "flash" in the ecos terminal. I also added the serial port and replaced the fan. I may do some more electronics reverse-engineering to find out if the CPU is underclocked or not, but for now I'd rather put my spare time into making the existing electronics perform magic tricks, without even the need for users to void the warranty.

  4. dINIs

    dINIs LI Guru Member

    FYI: Bought HY57V561620FTP-H Hynix RAM chip. In this weekends will try to solder on NAS200 to upgrade to 64MB RAM.
  5. aspoon

    aspoon LI Guru Member

    I'm just wondering how your RAM upgrade is going... :biggrin:
  6. adasch

    adasch LI Guru Member

    any news?
  7. Still_Awake

    Still_Awake Networkin' Nut Member

    Dead thread... maybe a dead NAS200- possibly both :-(
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