Adding Wires to a Wireless Network (with TiVo)

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by tgeorge2032, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. tgeorge2032

    tgeorge2032 Guest

    In Brief. I have a wired/wireless network my home office on the second floor, and want to add a 4-port ethernet hub in the basement, one connection of which will go to my Series 2 TiVo. One of the access points with MP3 capability would be particularly cool. :rockon:

    In Detail. In the upstairs home office we have a cable modem feeding Internet to Linksys 54G, 4-port wireless router. The router then goes to a 16-port switch that connects the 4 computers (all running XP) and 2 printers in our home network. I would like to add internet connectivity to the basement for both a computer hook-up and for our Series 2 TiVo. Hard wiring is a distant option as it is physically possible, but will require more effort than I feel like providing. :rolleyes:

    I was hoping to buy a wireless access point with 4-ports and put it in the basement, to connect to the 54G upstairs. The access point would then feed the TiVo, and computer(s) to be added later.

    I guess I have two main questions.
    1. Can I connect a wireless access point to my existing 54G router/network?
    2. If connected, will my Series 2 TiVo work with the wired ethernet?

    (Sidebar: I have looked all over the DC area and can't find a USB wireless adapter compatible with older TiVo technology and with all the version requirements, am hesitant to order one online). :wall:

    Any help or guidance you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
  2. dvaskelis

    dvaskelis Network Guru Member

    I have a similar setup, using two WRT54GS routers running HyperWRT Thibor.

    The first WRT54GS is in "Access Point" (STA) Wireless Mode. The second WRT54GS is in "Wireless Ethernet Bridge" (WET) Wireless Mode. The second WRT54GS has a TiVo and EyeHome attached.
  3. bluebox

    bluebox Network Guru Member

    Point to consider: getting a wireless link from upstairs to basement may prove just as difficult as running a cable. Obviously that depends on your building construction, but it is a point to consider.

    Also running a cable will be cheaper, and cable is always better than wireless when you have the option.
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