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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Wilder, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Wilder

    Wilder LI Guru Member


    I aprreciate any help I get very much.
    I have 2 computers 1. MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum w/amd 64 3200
    2. Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra D w amd 64 3700
    I have a WRT54GS v1 with both connected via cat5 cable.
    recently I hooked up a KVM switch - linksys model kvm2kit to both so I could use a single monitor keyboard and mouse to run both,
    Really works great.
    Later that day I tried to hook up the 2 computers straight with a Firewire cable to transfer files between them faster, well it was a pain trying to get it to work right so I unhooked the 1394 cable.
    But, the next day the lanparty wouldn't connect to the internet. I used the ipconfig /all command and saw the address as which is the same address the firewire used to connect. But since I am no longer using firewire and the cable is disconnected I can't understand why it has that address. I tried using the tcp/ip properties to connect using the following address and the subnet mask, etc. just like the computer thats connected except that address ends in 102. Well it works.
    But why won't the computer obtain an ip address automatically and obtain dns server automatically work anymore?
    I tried uninstalling the network connection and rebooting hoping that would work but not.

    Thanks so much for any help.

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    can you confirm the TCP/IP properties of the Ethernet prot of the PC that is giveing you trouble is set to obtain an IP address automatically?
  3. Wilder

    Wilder LI Guru Member

    Reply to Toxic

    Hello Simon,
    I tried to attach 2 images to show you the settings but the system wouldn't let me. The way I accessed the settings was to go to local area connection properties -> select tcp/ip -> select properties
    -> view settings of obtaining ip address and obtaining dns address
    I have Windows XP Pro

  4. dreamdeath2006

    dreamdeath2006 LI Guru Member

    Problems with a 169 IP

    So you say that after connecting a firewire cable between two machines you started having this issue with connectivity and that you can not get an address automatically.
    The problem you describe is common.The solution is so very simple.A windows machine by default when experiencing difficulty with the connection throws out either a 192 default ip address or the very hard to get rid of 169 ip address.It sounds to me like 1 of three things happened:

    The router does not have dhcp enabled and more than 1 dhcp user configured inside causing a rejection when obtaining a connection.The solution to this....simply reconfigure the router or reset it to factory settings.

    The computer you are using has its tcp/ip protocol misconfigured to use a static entry and due to this it refuses to request an address,though the router is configured to "give the machine an address".This causes a rejected request and dropped packets.The solution to this issue? Reconfigure the tcp/ip protocol to "automatically obtain" the ip address.Reboot the machine....issue resolved.

    A winsock error,virus or variant of a common trojan horse that creates communication errors through the tcp/ip protocol stack.Solutions to this issue could include scanning for viruses,re-installing tcp/ip through add/remove programs,obtaining a winsock repair tool to automatically repair the issue is the easiest thing for a beginner that may not be as experienced in repairing this issue.

    This issue you are suffering from is that of a begginner that does not have experience with these sort of issues and just needs guided towards the right path.

    I hope this may help you in some way.We have all been there ......right where you are and just needed time to figure out what we missed.
    I spent a week trying to make a cdrom drive run that was garbage before I broke into my "extra parts bin" to swap it out.........sometimes we dont want to give up on something and sometimes its just easier to put that hardrive in the fridge to get that info off it for a customer.....if Mcguyver can make a bomb out of bubble gum and who knows what.....we can do anything..........peace
  5. dreamdeath2006

    dreamdeath2006 LI Guru Member

    One more thing by the way..........

    It sounds condescending to abbreviate important words like "protocol"........some of the persons that are helped here do not understand that you mean by protocol........Let me use an analogy if you will...... Mechanics use bullshit with women because they think they are stupid and will never figure it out.........tell me stupid do you think the people in this forum are? ..........sometimes network engineer's use cheap routers because there isnt a need for an expensive one.......there are two types of people in this forum.......the group that can be considered "network engineer's" that do not need help .........they give help.......the other group have no knowledge and do not deserve the "mechanic treatment".........not going to say any names here because I do not deem this neccessary........but GET THE HINT ALREADY THERE IS NO ROOM FOR YOUR ARROGANCE
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