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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by ginga, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. ginga

    ginga Network Guru Member

    Folks, can you help - ever since I updated my WRT54G v1.0 with the HyperWRT v2.0 firmware it takes ages for the network to be seen by my wireless lappy (I had no problems on the official linksys f/w). Even to the extend that it doesnt find the wireless network. I doesnt always acquire an IP from the router (running DHCP) Could it be related to my power output setting for wireless? Or what?

    The WRT54G manual says power output is 18dbm, my HyperWRT firmware installed with a power setting of 50% = 42mW. Does this equate to 18dbm? Or am I running on half power?

    I could try it at 100% but I dont want to fry my router !!! 100% = 84mW. Is THIS equal to 18dbm? Could this be the problem? I didnt know whether to post here or in the another forum section?


  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    What are your encryption setting? Have you enabled SSID broadcast? What is the wireless NIC in your laptop and is the driver up to date? Are you using WZC (i.e. Windows Zero Confiuration) service, if you are running Windows XP or the client network monitoring software? If runnig WCZ, is it configured that your network is the first in the list of preffered networks? 50% should allow you to connect, you can increase the power level, but only do so until you get a stable connection. 100% will not damage the router, but increasing the power also increases the noise levels and at a certain point, you gain nothing and just interfere with nearby networks. Why did you go to HyperWRT, if your firmware was stable? Are all other setting in HyperWRT at the factory defaults. If you were thrying to fix something, then third party firmware is a good alternative. HyperWRT 2.0 is based on very old Linksys firmware. When you went to HyperWRT, did you do the upgrade through a wired connection and with the router reset to factory defaults? What firmware was on the router, when you installed HyperWRT.
  3. ginga

    ginga Network Guru Member

    WEP 64bit...always has been.

    No – for basic security, its never been enabled.

    Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG, driver – latest I think.

    Using Intel PROset/Wireless Software with my home network first as preferred networks. When the problem first occured I did switch to WZC but it still could not see the IP detected.

    I simply wanted to try some firmware that had more features – one of them being able to do a wireless network survey to ensure no conflicting channels from neighbours, etc. Which their isnt. Im on channel 1, only other netwotk being picked up is on ch.11.

    Yes…I think.

    Wired – yes. Defaults – No..i didn’t want to lose some of the entries, eg. Mac filter list, port forwarding assignments, etc….being lazy!!!

  4. ginga

    ginga Network Guru Member

    Hmm.. maybe I should do it by the book next time, Looks like one of the major things is to HARD RESET the router after upgrading, and not just power cycle the thing.

    But from what "howardp6" said....the HyperWRT firmware is based on old Linksys firmware, so I decided to go Tofu 13c.

    So I hard reset the router to clear the CMOs, installed tofu (Firmware Version : v4.30.1, HyperWRT 2.1b1 +tofu13c ), hard reset the router again after the firmware upgrade finished. I left most things at default, except for re-entering all my router and wireless security setting, and port forwarding.

    I notice now though, that it reports/names my router as a WRT54GL !!!!

    I will see how it goes !!
  5. tuskan

    tuskan Network Guru Member

    newer seen working intel
  6. ginga

    ginga Network Guru Member

    Well...after all this I dont think power has anytihng to do with it. Both with HyperWRT and Tofu, my wireless lappy had troubles connecting to the network, in fact with Tofu it wouldnt connect at just sat there trying to acquire an IP address....and never did.

    So Ive gone back to the old Linksys offical firmware v1.42.2 and guess what? It works perfectly once more...the lappy acquired the IP in an instant. Wierd eh??

    Well, I gave it a try..will miss the extra features Tofu provided...maybe will try again when I understand things a bit more.

    Wonder if its becuase my router is a v1.0 version????


  7. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The WRT54G v1.0 is not the problem, I was using HyperWRT 2.0 on that router and had not problems. I still used it as a access point only to connect to my Printserver, since the print server only supports WEP.
  8. ginga

    ginga Network Guru Member

    Agreed.... its my understanding thats the problem :cry: I guess it must be a problem/setting on the lappy but I couldnt spot it for the life of me. I have a WVC54G camera, and that sprang into life with Tofu and in retrospect (and a little bit of Kepner Tragoe) I should have realised the lappy is the probably the issue....but then again it works perfect now Im back on Linksys official. Lesson learned. :sadbye:
  9. ericjwill

    ericjwill Network Guru Member

    Try using a channel other than one or 14 and up, anything from 2-12 seems most reliable on north american networks.
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