ADSL modem with WRT54G and office LAN

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by harrym, Feb 28, 2006.

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    I have an office LAN network with IP addresses starting from 90.0.0

    I have a ADSL router that connects to the service provider automatically on power on. I need to keep my IP settings to get IP address automatically with the DHCP server on on the ADSL modem. I can set the modem for an IP address say and ask it to assign IP address starting from to avoid localIP conflicts.

    1) If Connect the ADSL modem to the wireless router WRT54G and set the router connection to DHCP then it connects for a short while and then disconnects.

    2) If I keep the ADSL connection connected to my Laptop through a USB connection and connect my office LAN on the LAN card then I cannot access the internet unless I disable the local LAN connection. So I cannot have both connections on at the same time.

    3) If I connect the office LAN to the wireless router and the ADSL to the LAN on my laptop , I can have both running at the same time as long as I let the ADSL come on first and then allow the wireless connection to come on. But in this case also I face a problem with my email as this has to be downloaded from an office server which i cannot do unitil i disable the LAN connection.

    Laptop IP :
    ADSL IP :
    Wireless router IP : WRT54G

    Operating system : XP professional.
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