ADSL2MUE: Can it be used as a modem with 2.17TI?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Moosh, May 6, 2007.

  1. Moosh

    Moosh Network Guru Member

    In short, my question is, is it possible to turn off NAT and FW in 2.17TI and use it as a simple PPoA modem, which will pass the ISP IP to a router?

    No matter how much I check forums, there does not seem to a definitive answer to this. I have tried 4.12, 4.22EU, 2.17TI and am just about to try 2.18TI. I left 4.22 because that did not allow CLI, but found 2.17 had a whole lot of extra options, including turning off NAT and FW! At last, I thought this was the answer, but sadly it is not. DHCP assigned me the usual LAN IP rather than the ISP IP that I expected. It is possible that the answer lies in the LAN settings or the routing (see screenshots). Note these are completely different from the cut down menus of the EU versions.

    All I want is what was advertised, a modem that will pass the ISP IP back to my box or router, just like the Dlink DSL-300T. I know double NAT would work, with my WRT54GS on a different subnet, but prefer not to do that. For some reason, bridging will not work either as UK ISPs use PPoA and 3rd party FW for the WRT54 only do PPoE.

    Another clue was here:

    "Still work needs to be done on OpenWrt AR7 port to let this hardware become the modem it claims to be."
    Further down is the ability to disable NAT in SSH, also available in 4.12EU, but strangely disabled in 4.22EU

    Just as an aside, why did Linksys drop all that advanced stuff, such as remote logging, port forwarding in their "upgrade"? Could be that it undercut some of their own products? They ain't perfect by any means, but some of those features work fine.



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  2. Moosh

    Moosh Network Guru Member

    Ok, as I can see this subject has been done to death by some pretty knowledgeable people, I see why there are no takers. Just one thing: why can't I SFTP, FTP or SSH into 2.17-TI without it asking for a different password? Or, if I do get in, it will not give a dir listing. I have enabled my priviges in the CLI to 5 (and yes i do know about the capital "A" ), but it won't accept the html password. Is there something like a NVRAM show in the busybox prompt (strangely enough I can get in using SSH explorer ONLY)
  3. mstombs

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    Have a look at Routertech 2.3 firmware, it now has ssh and scp, and you can create a non-volatile minix directory of at least 512k, so you can use winscp to edit files.

    And I'm currently running in half-bridge with my script that has been built-in...

    And no taker's - there is a forum for modems...
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