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  1. Vensea

    Vensea LI Guru Member

    Hi ,I got a problem of my ADSL2MUE-EU , Now when I plug RJ11 line into ADSL port ,The light show me ADSL is work ,green...

    But I can't login,also can't config "Web-based configuration"

    What can I do .

    I try to use FTP command ,when I power on ,but still can't see the interface ..

    What can I do now ???
    Pls .kindly help .everybody ....
  2. Vensea

    Vensea LI Guru Member


    :frown: :frown: News , but a bad news ,
    MODEM's LED always red ,didn't change green .

    Mean is broken ?
  3. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member


    The power LED starts red by hardware, the soft/firmware turns it green when the main code starts successfully.

    The Ethernet LED should come on for a few seconds after power up, during this period you should be able to ftp to the pspboot 'adam2' prompt bootloader. The timing of the access to the bootloader is tricky, its easier to use a variant of the Ti PC-Tool to 'capture' the prompt and interface rather than raw ftp.

    First try a hard reset, press and hold reset button on back panel for at least 30 seconds, including a power off and on of the modem, this could reset to defaults a corrupt config.

    How did the modem get into this state, better to be you trying and failing to load 3rd party firmware than a random hardware fault?

    Is the modem still in warranty? If so you should try to get it replaced before opening up.

    We've had several successes reviving 'dead' 2mues over on the forums, a couple have had failed 3.3V regulators. If the bootloader corrupt also straightforward to fit JTAG, and serial console already has header fitted to board. But don't expect 3rd party firmware to fix a hardware problem!
  4. Vensea

    Vensea LI Guru Member

    I use it in England before,now I am back to China ,I don't want leave it .so take it back together .
    2 month ago ,It is working good .

    Now the power LED RED all the time .
    Ethernet LED green(but can't pass ping ,show me timeout) ;
    ADSL LED work ,first flash(when I plug the adsl line),5 sec or more ,change to green .

    I can't use the PPPoE dial up (XP's PPPoE) ..

    It looks like down..Is there any thing I can do .

    By the way :I try hard reset ,first time ,I can see the ADSL LED light.Now ,When I reset ,there is nothing ,It means except power LED red ,there is nothing on other LED ..
  5. Vensea

    Vensea LI Guru Member

    sorry ,Mstombs,I forget to thank you .....
    You know ,I like this modem so much .so ..
  6. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    If Ethernet doesn't work only chance is to see what is happening with a serial console cable - you need to use a 3.3V adaptor with a PC. I use a cheap 'Chinese' modified Nokia phone cable as described here [plenty of other references on the net using a MAX 232 chip].

    I think I have made sure the pinouts published here are correct

    The console connector has 0 and 3.3V pins - and is a good place to check this internal voltage.
  7. levelup3

    levelup3 Addicted to LI Member

    I am glad to read it here.
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