Advice for a new WRT54G owner please.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Neff, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Neff

    Neff Network Guru Member

    Hello there folks, I'm after a little advice.

    After having a D-Link and Netgear I've got myself a nice shiny new WRT54G v2. I'm aware that there are numerous alternative firmwares but I can't work out what I need.

    What I would like is to use the router DHCP to always allocated the same IP to particular devices (based on MAC). This is easy on the Netgear - what enhancements would I need for the Linksys? I had a peek at the Alchemy firmware and couldn't see a way to do it there.

    The other thing that would be a nice to have is to use the QoS features. As I understand it this allows you to preserve bandwidth for things like voice comms. Does this only work for VoIP products or can you do it for things like MSN and Yahoo as well?
    Again I had a peek at Alchemy and found a page labelled QoS but that was just a list of mysteriously labelled settings. Now I'm not un-technical and have worked in IT for years but networks have always been in the region of magic (they either work first time or require the white robes, sacrifices and chanting at midnight).
    Can someone point me to a beginners guide for QoS and suggest a firmware I should check out (is it true the latest official one includes QoS?).
  2. Neff

    Neff Network Guru Member


    Suprised that no one has an opinion to offer.

    Which firmwares do allow allocation of IP by MAC address?
  3. dosbox

    dosbox Network Guru Member

    That feature is known as "Static DHCP". The only WRT54 router that supports it out of the box is the WRT54GC. I believe the DD-WRT and Alchemy firmware for the WRT54G/GS support it.
  4. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    i think that dd-wrt and or hyperwrt would suite your needs tough hyperwrt does not have staistics dhcp. theer is openwrt that is all linux vased no web gui.
    and a few others check outt eh download section of the site to see all the firmwares out there for the wrt.
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