Advice on Network setup.

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by AmooMan, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. AmooMan

    AmooMan LI Guru Member

    Hi all.. im new
    Have had a search but cant find a thread about my problem.

    (What i have)

    I have a Wireless USB adapter (connected to wireless ISP)
    Running on a P3 550 XP Pro Windows Box

    Im just using standard windows connection sharing

    and a standard switch to connect to other 2 computers.
    This all works ok.. just no QOS or limited of any kind

    (What i want)

    To have the Windows box feeding my wrt54G 2.2 running Tomato 1.7
    Then have Tomato router the internet off the my 2 other computers.
    When this is all working i should beable to work out how 2 get QOS running..

    Tried to do this setup last night but could get it running..
    Not sure if I need DHCP software on XP box..

    Could someone help me out :) thanks.. im a newbie .. but ill learn quick :halo:
  2. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    The Windows box will have for the LAN address by default. You should have this hooked to the Tomato router's WAN port. Put the LAN of the Tomato router in a different subnet, something like or and the QOS should work. A better way to do the network is to turn off ICS in the computer and bridge the 2 network adaptors. Then give the WAN port of the Tomato router the IP address from the ISP and the bridge adaptor of the PC an address in a different subnet. You would lose internet access on the PC but it would be more efficient for the rest of the network.
  3. AmooMan

    AmooMan LI Guru Member

    Thanks for reply GeeTek

    Tried both ways .. but couldnt get net to work on other PC..

    Must be doing something wrong somewhere..

    but hard 2 put my finger on it..

    First i tried leaving ICS on..Win Box @ pluged into WAN port on router.. Then set tomato to

    But what should i have in the WAN/Internet fields..

    IP Address : ????????
    Subnet: ?????????
    Gateway: ?????????

    the rest of the router is on

    LAN IP:
    DNS: ???????? <--- should i put in ISP DNS server?

    Cheers for your help :)
    Have been tryn to get this working for a few hours now :( 5 - 6
  4. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    I filled in what you need for the Tomato WAN to hook to the PC.
  5. AmooMan

    AmooMan LI Guru Member

    Cool thanks GeeTek Ill try that when i get home from work :)

    I think i did try something like that.. but nt sure might have done it alittle different.

    Is there a way to test that Tomato/Router can see/connect to the WinBox? cos Im nt even sure if they are talking to each other.
  6. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    In Tomato under tools there is a ping utility that you can ping with to see.
  7. AmooMan

    AmooMan LI Guru Member

    Yes but.. isnt that for only pinging ip's that are in the LAN ports.. didnt know you could ping WAN port.. I was trying to ping but wasnt working.. so that might be my problem.. mmm will look into it 2night.. will post what i find out
  8. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    It is for pinging only the WAN. It will even do DNS look ups and ping
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