Advice required: Need upgrade from WRT54GL

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kramed, May 14, 2009.

  1. kramed

    kramed Network Guru Member

    I have been using Tomato since release on my WRT54GL which has been great. Problem is I am now moving to a new apt where I will have to pay hydro separately (/me cries), no more leaving my beast of a PC on overnight just for torrents.

    So I am looking into a solution that will be a little more eco-friendly, running torrents on a router and saving the data to an external hdd or possibly a NAS if required. I have discovered the Asus wl500g Premium V2 which runs ~$100 CDN which appears to do what I want: run bittorrent (rTorrent or some web or remote accessible client) with usb support.

    I tried getting rTorrent running on my WRT54GL running Tomato and dd-wrt mini both with Optware but it seems there is just not enough JFFS space or ran into other issues. I do not care to attempt a SD/MMC mod to the WRT54GL.

    Can anyone make any other recommendations? Any limitations of the Asus I should know about? Thanks
  2. kramed

    kramed Network Guru Member

    Ive decided on the SD/MMC mod to give me some more memory on my WRT54GL. Then I can use Teddy Bear's Tomato mod firmware, install a BitTorrent client on the SD card and still purchase and setup a NAS because the USB on the Asus is terribly slow.
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