Advice: Which router to buy?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Boompje, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Boompje

    Boompje Network Guru Member

    Dear members of this forum,

    Here is my situation:
    I currently have a WRK54G, in combination with a WRE54G (v1 I believe). However, the WRK54G isn't working as good as it used to be:
    1) It doesn't allow me to use my full internet speed (Gives me 3 Mbit, rather then the 6 Mbit line)
    2) It often freezes, after which I have to reboot the router.
    Doing a simple firmware upgrade doesn't solve these problems, unfortunatly..

    Anyway, I decided to buy a new Linksys router, cause I actually like Linksys (easy to set up). I bought a WRT54G (v7), but it appeared to be incompatible with my WRE54G (v1). After doing loads of research on the internet (I found alot of people had the same problem as me), I decided to return it to the store.

    I'm willing to buy a new Linksys router, which is more expensive or whatever..
    Options I believe I have:
    1) WRT54GC
    2) WRT54GL
    3) WRT54GR
    (Not sure which version they sell at the store, but I assume it's the newest.)

    Which of these routers do you suggest I buy, keeping in mind it must be compatible with my WRE54G (v1)?
    I am, of course, open to other suggestions as well..

    Thanks in advance,

    Best regards,

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I would either go for the WRT54GL or WRTSL54GS tbh.
  3. Boompje

    Boompje Network Guru Member

    Unfortunatly, the WRTSL54GS isn't available in Holland.
    The WRT54GL seems the best option for me I think, because even the newest version of this router is flashable with DD-WRT..

    But are you sure it's compatible with my WRE54G v1? I don't wanna end up buying a router which doesn't work with it again..
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    firstly are you broadcasting very far for use of the WRE54G? any WRT54G/GS v1-4 and GL support 3rd party firmwares with will allow signal strength to be boosted significantly, thus yuo may not even need a WRE54G in the first place.

    the WRT54GL is a rebadged WRT54G v4 router. the v1-4 of these routers are VERY similar and should ALL be compatable with the WRE54G, however the 3rd party firmware may not be. I dont know as 1, I dont have a WRT54GL and 2 i dont have a WRE54G to test with.

    PS. I have a WRTSL54GS but they are not available in the UK either:) I just imported one and used an existing PSU.
  5. Boompje

    Boompje Network Guru Member

    Thnx alot for your help Toxic!

    The problem with the WRT54G I bought was that it was a v7, which doesn't allow any 3rd party firmware. The WRT54GL does, if I'm not mistaking.. I think my best bet is to buy a WRT54GL, and either hope that it works well with my WRE54G, or that the signal is strong enough on it's own after uploading 3rd party firmware to it.. right?

    Any other advises/suggestions?
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Yep go with the GL. the GL is supported by firmwares like Thibor, Tomato, DDWRT etc etc.
  7. Boompje

    Boompje Network Guru Member

    Thanks alot mate! I'll get one tommorow and will let you know :)
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