Advise On Proposed Network Setup That Currently Fails

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Jangle, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. Jangle

    Jangle Network Guru Member

    Good Afternoon ALL,

    Picture my current setup which has been running successfully for some time since i started reviewing some of the comments made about the WAG54G.

    My main ADSL service comes into my WAG54G Wireless ADSL router which is connected to my MAIN pc using the USB Wireless Adpter form linksys running at a steady 54Mbps. I also have a new Laptop with an inbuilt Wireless adapter and that happily connect to the router for internet access and my MAIN pc.

    My proposed idea is to connect two seperate FILE SERVERS behind a Network card hosted by the main computer but pass internet request down the wireless link.

    I am probably pushing this system to the limit but I have a feeling this should work.

    I have been through the following scenarios, internet connection sharing on the MAIN pc. I have even tried using a class B subnet but have failed to bridge the gap between the MAIN PC Nic and the Wireless connection.

    My alternative is to install seperate Wireless adapters in the two server BUT if a large ammount of data is passed the Wireless connections slows and even stops completelty sometimes or install a PROXY on my MAIN PC.

    I look forward to any comments or ideas anyone may have....

    WAG54G - 1.3 BETA 4
    Port Forward - Working
    Wireless - Working and Stable
    Remote Access - Working
    IPSEC Pass through - Still reveiewing.

  2. Jangle

    Jangle Network Guru Member


    14 people to date have reviewed this post. I try my best to help others with whatever knowledge I have.

    Does anyone have any ideas they can offer or a simple no possible will shut me up..

  3. AbNormal

    AbNormal Network Guru Member

    Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but here goes anyways.

    The WAG54G has a 4-port switch, with 4 LAN ports on the rear panel. Why not just plug your servers into one of these?
  4. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    I'm with Ab on this one - those servers deserve their bandwidth and for that the best solution would be to connect them directly to the WAG54G with wires. If not, then they should each get their own wireless adapter. Trying to run them through your main PC defeats the purpose of having the 4 port router. Besides, running them through the PC will require a Network card in each server, and two in the Main PC unless you connect them together by a wired switch and then they sit on a different subnet from the wireless adapter in your Main PC, then trying to route ALL that through the one wireless connection with ICS or another proxy just seems like too much of a hassle and will only compound the problem you stated of high usage = stalls plus add many levels of complexity.

    Simpler solution, thought may not be feasible based on your setup/locations, plop the servers next to the router and wire them up.

    Let us know what you decide... btw, 14 views on an internet forum is nothing, often you'll have to get to 100+ to get a response. Thankfully we've got a bunch of experts running around here so you tend to get faster responses.

    Hope we've helped!

    Thanks for visiting and supporting
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