AES-CCMP with Linux destop?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Birds, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. Birds

    Birds Network Guru Member

    Right now I run a Win2K machine with a Linksys WMP54G NIC and Funk Software's Odyssey supplicant client to enable WPA on Win2k (a great program). I would like to setup a Linux desktop but don't want to loose the encryption level I currently run.

    After upgrading the firmware on my WRT54G to the latest HyperWRT the Odyssey client on the Win2K machine now uses AES-CCMP encryption for both the Pairwise and Group cipher. This is great! Prior to upgrading to the HyperWRT firmware the highest level of WPA was: Pairwise= WEP-104, and Group = AES-CCMP.

    So my question is...

    Have folks been able to run a Linux desktop with the Linksys WMP54G card Ver. 2 (Broadcom chipset), and still be able to communicate with the HyperWRT based router using WPA AES-CCMP encryption for both the Pairwise and Group ciphers?

    If so, which flavor of Linux are you running for the desktop?

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